Sagada Travel Guide

Sagada Travel Guide

Explore Sagada with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

5 budget-friendly inns and hotels in sagada

We know you’re excited about climbing Mt. Kiltepan, taking pictures of the Hanging Coffins, and exploring the caves of the laidback and cool town of Sagada. But before embarking on... Read More

5 places for soul searching in the philippines

In this long journey we call life, we often find ourselves lost in the midst of everything. Sometimes all we need is a break and a great destination to... Read More

sagada travel information

7 trips that teach you something new

From every new experience comes new knowledge in one form or another. One particularly fun experience that guarantees learning is travel. Traveling can give one the chance to learn a... Read More

will travel for food: sampling sagada’s specialties

While most head for chilly Baguio City in search of the perfect strawberries, ube jam and peanut brittle, there’s a whole cultural and gastronomic haven that awaits them further north.... Read More

sagada: the hidden jewel of the north

Jan Michellardi sets out on an adventure in one of the most remote yet picturesque spots in Luzon: Sagada. This mountain province combines stunning views with unique adventures. The bus... Read More

i survived sagada!

The physical challenges offered by Sagada in the Mountain Province range from staggering treks along grand rice terraces, to spelunking adventures in connected caverns—not to mention a bumpy and tiring... Read More

a quick sagada retreat

Marie Claire writer Angel Constantino visits Sagada in Northern Luzon, one of our country’s under-appreciated treasures. Her thorough narrative shares the charms of this quaint little Mountain Province town. Bright... Read More

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