Need a time-out? Travel without Getting Broke

Treat your city-weary soul without burning too much cash!

By Rheinalee Casupanan
September 19, 2017

In between balancing your time for family, friends, work, and yourself, you can easily burn yourself out and feel empty. Time can fly and just leave you with nothing but anxiety and an overwhelming desire for a break. You’re all packed up, ready to go, but there’s this one tiny problem you can’t let go in your head: How do you stick to your budget? knows that you most certainly don’t need additional stress in your life when trying to figure out a way to go on a vacation that fits the bill. Here’s how you can treat your city-weary soul without burning too much cash:

1. Bring your own water bottle.

When added up, the cost of bottled water and even carbonated beverages that you buy during your trip can easily amount to at least 10% of your travel expenses. That’s already a good amount of money that you can spend on tickets, food, and souvenirs. When traveling, there’s also a good chance that folks will give you drinking water for free that you can store in a bottle. You really just have to ask.

2. Go on a trip when it's off-peak.

Rates jump sky high every summer and during the holidays—this one’s a fact. If you can, try planning your vacation during the off-peak season for a more budget-friendly vacation. Not only rates are low but you also get a chance to stay away from huge crowds of fellow tourists. Isn’t it fun to have an island to yourself with only peace and solitude as your company?

3. Search for affordable deals online.

There are online travel agencies like that offer attractive promos and discounts for hotel accommodations and tour activities in your most favorite destinations. Just recently, offered VAT-free rates so that city-weary travelers will have more opportunities to go on a trip without breaking the bank!

You can know more about’s FREE VAT campaign by visiting this link:

4. Skip the pasalubong.

Filipinos are innate fans of pasalubong. But now is the time to accept that pasalubong isn’t always necessary! Your friends and officemates don’t really expect anything like you think they do, so cut your souvenir list to your expenses and just save that hard-earned money.

5. Subscribe to travel newsletters.

Signing up to travel newsletters is one of the surefire ways to have dibs on promos and exclusive discounts for your trips. Just make sure that you check your inbox every now and then so you don’t miss an insider deal!

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