Bacolod Travel Guide

Bacolod Travel Guide

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your guide to masskara festival 2018 in bacolod

Bacolod is a peaceful city known for its friendly citizens. As lovely as its locals are, there’s another thing that keeps tourists coming back to the City of Smiles every... Read More

A boat in Lakawon Island

lakawon island: a vacationer’s simple guide

About Lakawon Island Lakawon Island looks to be the next go-to white beach destination. With the influx of tourist congestion and infrastructure at the popular beaches of Boracay and Palawan,... Read More’s guide to bacolod city and masskara 2015

Bacolod is known as a peaceful city, and it’s often dubbed as the City of Smiles due to how friendly its citizens are. If you’re tired of the hustle and... Read More

travelbook fans share 5 top hometown delicacies

Traveling across the Philippines is more fun when you know you can taste different delicacies as you visit various regions. Nothing beats going back to your home province and eating... Read More

24 hours in bacolod

The name Bacolod is the Ilonggo word for “stonehill,” which is where the area was founded in 1770. Due to Muslim raids, Bacolod was moved to the shoreline in 1787... Read More

experience bacolod city’s bacolaodiat festival

Just like any other place in the Philippines, Bacolod City has a rich Chinese influence, which is evident in its Chinese temples, prominent Chinese businessmen, and the existence of a... Read More

48 hours in bacolod

Rich in history, arts and culture, this often overlooked destination is a haven for every kind of travel enthusiast. Food lovers will enjoy the wide range of local delicacies, history... Read More

bacolod food trip: 10 cafes and restos to try

Bacolod City in Negros Occidental is a certified foodie haven. The distinctive local food culture and Negrense cuisine, the abundance of restaurants and cafes in the city, and the laid-back... Read More

all things sweet in negros occidental

Abet Lagula captures these images as a testament to the beauty of Negros Occidental. Every time the province of Negros Occidental is mentioned, one essential product comes to mind: sugar.... Read More