Negros-oriental Travel Guide

Negros Oriental Travel Guide

Explore Negros Oriental with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

manjuyod sandbar: the ‘maldives of the philippines’

With 7,107 islands, the Philippines is full of incredible natural wonders, and some of them have yet to be in the limelight. For instance, when travelers think of Negros Oriental,... Read More

7 international destinations that can be found in the philippines

Most of us aim to travel all over the world while we are still young. But sadly, it’s just not easy! Whether it be our meager earnings or our hectic... Read More

december festivals 2012

Christmas isn’t the only occasion Filipinos celebrate in December. Check out this overflowing list from feasts dedicated to saints to colorful lantern parades for a sample of the many festivals... Read More

24 hours in dumaguete

The name Dumaguete originated from the Tagalog words daggit and dumaguet (“to snatch” and “to swoop” respectively), the former for the city’s frequent pirate attacks and the latter for the... Read More

november festivals and holidays 2012

Colorful costumes and props are necessary for throwing a successful fiesta in the Philippines. Liven up your November by dropping by these provinces to experience the unique culture of the... Read More

go hotels dumaguete

Go Hotels Dumaguete offers affordable accommodations in a relaxed, nature-oriented city setting in “The City of Gentle People.” Location: Photo courtesy of Go Hotels Dumaguete Calindagan corner South Road, Dumaguete... Read More

apo island beach resort

Apo Island Beach Resort is a dive resort located on the shores of Apo Island in Dauin, Negros Oriental, with spacious rooms and wide range of diving equipment. Location: Photo... Read More

florentina homes

Florentina Homes offers themed apartment-style accommodations in a peaceful residential area in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Location: Photo courtesy of Florentina Homes L. Rovira Road, Bantayan, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental... Read More

coco grande hotel

Coco Grande is a small, welcoming hotel with old school charm and Spanish-inspired architecture in the heart of Dumaguete City. Location: Photo by Betty Tianco Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City, Negros... Read More

bahura resort & spa

Bahura Resort & Spa is a professional full service dive resort with well-appointed villas in a sprawling beachside coconut plantation in Dauin, Negros Oriental. Location: Photo by Betty Tianco Dauin,... Read More

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