Puerto-princesa Travel Guide

Puerto Princesa Travel Guide

Explore Puerto Princesa with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

palawan tourist spots: 30 places you need to see

The ultimate 30 Palawan tourist spots bucket list Planning for a Palawan trip anytime soon? Whether you are headed to Puerto Princesa, El Nido, or Coron, each destination has a... Read More

life lessons my travel destinations taught me

Delayed flights, lost luggage, traffic, congested airports, and crooks slipping a live bullet into your bag. These are just some of the things that make traveling stressful and frustrating. But... Read More

travelbook.ph’s guide to puerto princesa

Puerto Princesa is a bustling city in Palawan. In terms of landmass, it is the second largest city in the Philippines next to Davao City. A perfect location for a... Read More

5 things to do in palawan

 Palawan is a tropical paradise frequented by local and foreign tourists alike. With their picturesque beaches, hidden tourist spots, and delectable seafood, Palawan can be appreciated by any kind of... Read More

travelbook fans share 5 philippine destinations to visit this 2014

Planning where to go this 2014? If you haven’t renewed your passport yet or don’t want to be gone too long from the office, why not travel locally? The Philippines... Read More

travelbook fans share 5 hotels with best food

Getting tired of your regular restaurant orders? Why not go on a hotel food trip with your friends? We asked our Facebook fans which of the hotels they’ve visited serve... Read More

24 hours in puerto princesa

Puerto Princesa may be one of the largest cities in the Philippines, but you can still enjoy a unique travel experience–one that immerses you in culture, nature, and adventure–there in... Read More

ppur confirmed as one of the new7wonders of nature

Filipinos all over the world have been rallying for the Puerto Princesa Underground River, also called the PPUR, to be included as one of the New7Wonders of Nature ever since... Read More

puerto princesa travel information

Overview Palawan‘s capital Puerto Princesa City is a highly urbanized center; not far from the city proper, however, are white sand beaches, rainforests, and other natural marvels. Chief among these... Read More

last call to vote for the puerto princesa underground river as part of the new 7 wonders of nature

The Philippines has all sorts of natural attractions that capture the attention of tourists and locals alike, but one of our country’s most beloved destinations has become one of global... Read More

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