Palm Beach Resort (La Frondosa)

A quiet private alternative to the densely developed sections of Batangas’ Laiya Beach in San Juan

By Krissie G. Pacia
March 16, 2012

Palm Beach Resort consists of private homes and resort facilities that offer a quieter, less crowded alternative to the popular Laiya resorts in San Juan, Batangas.


  • San Juan, Batangas
  • Located along the same coastline as popular Laiya Beach, but set apart from the other beach resorts in the area
  • Accessible via public and private transport, approximately 3-4 hours from Makati City
Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Resort (La Frondosa)

Ideal for:

  • Private travelers looking for alternatives to the usual popular resorts
  • Large groups; casas and casitas are well suited for family vacations, company outings, and barkada trips
  • Daytrippers looking for a quick Batangas getaway
  • Private events such as weddings which make the most of the secluded setting


  • Resort facilities, casas, and casitas set among privately owned homes
  • Balinese inspired rooms and cottages provide a tropical but modern ambiance
  • Design uses a lot of local wood, rocks, and nipa
  • Simple and clean accommodations with rough stone accents in the bathroom
  • Sheer ivory curtains and crisp white sheets emphasize the soothing native ambience
  • Spacious rooms, wide balconies, and open spaces
  • Overall feel is that of a warm and serene modern Asian escape
Photo by Krissie G. Pacia


  • Bright and airy casas and casitas equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioning, refrigerator DVD player, cable TV, and balconies with a panoramic view of the ocean
  • Regular Casitas have a standard capacity of two people, while Suite Casitas can house four guests
  • Private Nipa Huts are also available for groups on daytrips
  • Accommodation types include:
    • Casitas Deluxe: Regular or Suite
    • Casitas Royale: Regular or Suite
    • Casitas Premier
    • Casa Alexandra
    • Casa Isabel