Pet-Friendly Hotels in the Philippines

Warm, cozy places both you and your furry friends can appreciate.

By Mathew S. Chan
November 15, 2016


Pets are considered part of the family and as such, you’d like them to be with you during a vacation. But finding pet-friendly establishments can be difficult and, sometimes, you’re forced to leave them home. Thankfully, there are hotels and resorts where your precious friends are welcomed with open arms.

1. Oakwood Premiere Joy-Nostalg Center Manila
This hotel in the Ortigas area is perfect if you are a cat lover. Dogs are also welcome but you can only bring one and it must be about two feet in height. But with cats, you’re allowed to bring two of them. The hotel will also provide a scratch post for your feline friend so that they have something to trim their nails with.

2. Somerset Olympia Makati
Do you have unconventional pets like reptiles or maybe a big dog? Somerset Olympia Makati allows them to tag along. You just need to pay PHP 5,000.00 for the clean-up and maintenance fee during your stay and abide by the house rules for pets. The hotel also has a list of nearby clinics readily available. And upon check-in, you and your pet will receive complimentary welcome baskets with treats.

3. AurumOne Makati
Want a simple staycation with your small dog or cat? Head on over to AurumOne Makati where you can do just that. It’s very affordable at less than PHP 2,000.00 a night and you just need to pay PHP 1,700.00 for your pet. You can stay in the room and just relax or go out and explore Makati with your little friend.

4. Acuaverde Beach Resort
Acuaverde Beach Resort is an ideal property in Batangas for animal lovers. Most resorts don’t have a lot or any pet-centric amenities but this has a whole beach where your pet can run wild, swim, and enjoy a fun day under the sun. You just need to pay PHP 800.00 and that beach getaway for you and the furry one is all yours.
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