Pinoy Favorites: 5 Essential Noche Buena Dishes

Plan out your Christmas menu using these top Noche Buena dishes!

By Mathew S. Chan
December 12, 2014


There are only two weeks left until Noche Buena. Have you figured out your Christmas menu yet? If you still aren’t sure about what you want to serve, check out these 5 essential Noche Buena dishes that are present at most Filipino homes.

If you can afford it, lechon is a classic Filipino dish that can feed a lot of people. Nothing will go to waste (even if most likely there won’t be any leftovers). This scrumptious roast pig is usually the centerpiece or the most coveted dish at any table. 

Hamon or hamonado is succulent pork cooked in pineapple sauce, giving it a very sweet and savory taste. This classic favorite is often paired with cheesy ensaymada. It is usually laid out continuously during the entire meal, serving more as an appetizer or finger food (if the ham and the sauce are separated) rather than a main dish.

Quezo de Bola
Quezo de Bola is a semi-hard cheese that originates from the Netherlands. It is shaped like a ball (hence the name) and covered in red paraffin wax (the color of the Christmas holidays). It usually goes hand in hand with cold cuts like ham as well as ensaymada. It is also a nice gift choice for families.

Noodles are a symbol of long life, which is why there’s always some form of noodle dish served during someone’s birthday as a way to invite a longer life for the celebrant. That’s the same case during Christmas, which is why a noodle dish (most commonly sotanghon, be it in soup or just pancit style) is often served to guests.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is easy to make and the ingredients are always readily available, which is why it’s a very common dish during Noche Buena. It is made of canned fruits or fruit cocktail mixed with cream and condensed milk before being chilled. Everyone has their own special way of making it, adding their own twist to make it tastier. It’s a colorful and sweet dish that goes well with the festive holiday.

Are there any dishes that you think should have made the list? Did your favorite not make the cut? Drop and a comment and let us know!

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