PUGAD: Extreme Northern Adventure Like No Other

Visit PUGAD in La Union to experience some real thrills

Caught between wanting to take a step into the real experience and fearing what the real experience may take her, acrophobic writer Lorela U. Sandoval took a leap into a world of adventure where fear and death are concepts unknown and non-existent, and it was called PUGAD.

Much has been said about La Union --beach destination and haven, surfing capital and gateway to the North, among others. But while these references hold true and strong today, the Pugo Adventure or PUGAD presents itself as a new heart-stopper that is just out of the ordinary.

The Experience

For someone who has lived almost all her life in a beach town in La Union without really crossing the boundaries of extreme adventure, PUGAD is a far cry from my character. Save for trekking, ATV driving, and pool plunging, PUGAD's ziplines, wall climbing, rappelling and free fall activities are just not my cup of tea. However, my first-hand experience has twisted the whole thing around.

Located at Kagaling, Palina in the municipality of Pugo, La Union, I can attest that the quietness and remoteness of PUGAD is just right for the deafening screams and sharp curses that you may emit as you push yourself (and occasionally fall on the ground). Your fear, as it echoes in the expanse, seems to encompass the entire experience. Amazingly, though, you gradually lose it along the way without even noticing, as if you have never gone through fear at all. Once you conquer your fears, you will feel proud - and perhaps think you could go back for more.

The pool is, definitely, a welcome breather after the fun but terrifying ordeal, located below the three ziplines and allowing you to ponder how you and others like you were able to survive. You soon realize that PUGAD is beyond a senselessly mad adventure. It is an intense experience that goes further than the ordinary concept of fun and adventure. You just have to try it to know how it feels, and you'll soon realize that it is a precious and amusing experience, after all.

Safety and Security

Before any visitor zooms through the ziplines, assigned staff members always conduct a test ride or jump to ensure that the attraction's condition is safe. A safety briefing is also provided. All structures, gadgets, and gear go through a series of safety and security checks and maintenance every end of the month. Employees have training in Basic Life Support and Standard First Aid. An ambulance is on standby for any emergencies. Rules and regulations are strictly implemented and followed, because safety comes first for the PUGAD staff.

Without a doubt, PUGAD freed me from my fear of heights, death or near-death, and of fear itself - all thanks to that daring ride, leap, and climb that changed it all.

You can visit http://pugoadventure.multiply.com/ for more details.

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