Rent Your Own Private Island in Palawan

Check out this huge property for a different kind of vacation.

By Mathew S. Chan
February 05, 2016

Screencap CNN Ariara

Do you like the beach but hate huge crowds or the presence of other people? Do you ever wish you could discover a deserted island with beautiful sand and water and have it all to yourself? Look no further because the island paradise of Ariara in Palawan could be your next travel destination. In a report by CNN, they detail the costs to stay in the said island and the perks that come with it.

According to the report, Ariara Island is owned by Charlie and Carrie McCulloch, a couple who hails from England. They are farmers as well as property developers who saw the potential that the island can bring. The property is meant to be the couple's vacation home along with their three sons. But beyond that, it functions as a thriving business.

So how much would it cost to rent out a 125-hectare island paradise in Palawan for a week or so? The article states that guests can spend anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000, which is about a whopping PHP 1,410,000 to PHP 2,800,000. So if you happen to have some millions laying around like loose change, why not try booking the entire Ariara Island for the holidays? That's definitely something new and most likely never been done by anyone you know.

Among the perks that come with booking the island besides the obvious peace and quiet and ultimate privacy include a stay for up to 18 people in a single party, catered menus for all meals, a well-trained staff to assist you throughout your stay, a beach cottage, jungle villa, and other requests, which they dub as "anything is possible."

For more information about this luxury paradise, check out their website here.
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