All-areas-in-samar Travel Guide

All Areas in Samar Travel Guide

Explore All Areas in Samar with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

5 reasons to book with ciriaco hotel & resort

I found myself in the heart of Calbayog City in Samar while hoping to take a short breather from the non-stop traveling and adventuring around the Philippines. After climbing several... Read More

5 spots in samar that made it a summer to remember

“You are now leaving the island of Luzon.” I was far away from home, but I couldn’t get more excited when I saw that sign on an arch in Sorsogon... Read More

30 things you didn’t know about the biri rock formations

Biri has often been out of the mainstream, shadowed by its more famous sister destinations in the Philippines. For several years, it was only visited by people who were brave... Read More

getting to know guiuan

Guiuan (Gee-wan) is a municipality located at the southernmost tip of Eastern Samar, where it faces the Pacific Ocean. The town is popular with surfers, who come here for choice... Read More

exploring the calbiga caves

Genie Ranada, writing for Marie Claire, lives out her childhood adventure fantasies as she spends three days exploring the Calbiga Caves in Samar. Her narrative goes to show that adventure... Read More