September Festivals 2013

The rainy season won’t stop you from going on vacation. Check out these upcoming festivals September has to offer.

By TravelBook
September 02, 2013

Even if the rainy season is in full swing, nothing can stop an avid traveler from going on vacation mode! Most local hotels, whether luxury or budget, have lower rates for the non-peak season, making accommodations even more affordable in the wet season.

Need more reasons to start traveling this September? These festivals might be just what you need to convince you to travel all over the Philippines.

Penafrancia Festival
Naga City | September 17

The Penafrancia Festival in Naga City is one of the Philippines' biggest religious festivals. It is celebrated by local and foreign devotees of Naga's patron saint, Our Lady of Penafrancia. The festival involves religious activities and celebrations including "The Translacion," which is when the image of Our Lady of Penafrancia is brought to the Naga City Metropolitan Cathedral.

D’ Dalaylay Festival
Jalajala, Rizal | September 29

Street parades welcome guests of the D’ Dalaylay Festival, which is held every September 29 in Jalajala, Rizal. A parade featuring artistic, colorful, and ingenious costumes is one of the festival's highlights. Members of the community, barangays, and schools all join the festivities.

Angel Festival
San Rafael, Bulacan | September 29

Angel Festival, the celebration of the feast day of Archangel St. Rafael, is celebrated by residents and tourists wearing different versions of angel costumes. The festival culminates in a giant parade. Locals also engage in a merry street dance competition.

Tuna Festival
General Santos City | September 5-9

As an act of thanksgiving for the bountiful catch of fish the locals receive, General Santos City celebrates the Tuna Festival yearly. Featuring tuna dish competitions, parades, and competitions, the festival certainly brings together locals and everyone visiting the city.

The Seaweeds Festival
Tawi-Tawi | September 25

Known as the Seaweed Capital of the Philippines, Tawi-Tawi City celebrates the Seaweeds Festival on September 25. During the fest, locals showcase the rich culture and history of the Badjao, Sama, Jama Mapun, and Tusung of the Philippines. Dance competitions are incorporated in the festivities to bring joy and laughter to everyone. 

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