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All Areas in Siquijor Travel Guide

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Siguijor Beach

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Siquijor Tourist Spots to Check Out Siquijor used to be feared because of its reputation for the supernatural. Now, tourists are choosing to look beyond the spooky urban legends to... Read More

5 things to do in siquijor

Known as the Mystic Island, Siquijor has always been shrouded in magic and mystery. But beyond rumors of sorcery and witchcraft, it is an incredible province with majestic sites... Read More

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Overview An island province between Visayas and Mindanao, Siquijor is one of the smallest provinces in the country in terms of both land area and population. Siquijor has a reputation... Read More

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Siquijor is known throughout the Philippines as an enchanted island full of spirits and magical places. To make things interesting during their November trip to Dumagete, video editor and events... Read More

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Photographer Abet Lagula discovers the charms of Siquijor by accident—or perhaps by design—when he is stranded on the island. I can’t resist the charm of Siquijor. In terms of tourism,... Read More