Smile! Travel Photography Tips

Digital cameras make it easy for everyone to learn photography. Here are some tips for capturing the highlights of your next trip like a pro.

By Joy Jesena-Barcelon
December 30, 2014

Ah, travel! Who among us have not heard the call of the wild or of the road and has succumbed to the pleasures of traveling in a foreign country or just in a new environment -- soaking in the local culture, savoring the landscapes and flora, basking in the warm sun (or literally chilling out in the cold or snow), relishing the exotic cuisine, treasuring the few days or hours with our families or friends? Such experiences should be documented, for memories' sake or just for the sheer narcissistic pleasure of it!

With the ease and convenience of digital photography and reasonable price of the point-and-shoot camera or DSLR, there are more chances for the hobbyist photographer to get a decent, if not outstanding, shot. Here are a few tips on how to capture those special moments on the road.