South-cotabato Travel Guide

South Cotabato Travel Guide

Explore South Cotabato with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

september festivals 2013

Even if the rainy season is in full swing, nothing can stop an avid traveler from going on vacation mode! Most local hotels, whether luxury or budget, have lower rates... Read More

september festivals

Filipinos are devout Catholics by nature. At every corner, you can find a Church or a chapel full of people there to hear mass, or perhaps to seek refuge and... Read More

discovering the secrets of south cotabato and sarangani

South Cotabato and Sarangani are two provinces that are quickly gaining popularity as tourist destinations, despite the difficult-to-shake reputation for danger that plagues many areas of Mindanao. Most famously known... Read More

traveling with the itchyworms' jugs and kel

This year, the Itchyworms celebrated their 15th year in the music industry. And like other successful bands out there, they have their share of touring around the country for gigs.... Read More

south cotabato travel information

Why Go One of the more progressive provinces in Mindanao, South Cotabato provides a good mix of modern and traditional experiences. Its most populated city, General Santos, is best known... Read More

10 things to do in lake sebu

The Lemlunay Tribal Festival will be held in Lake Sebu this weekend, and representatives from the tribes of South Cotabato and Davao will be gathering in droves for the festivities.... Read More

september festivals

The rainy season starts winding down in September, but the fiestas and celebrations during this month include many big events. Find out where the fun is at this month! Tuna... Read More

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