Subic Homes

A residential community with homes for rent that allow guests to experience a little bit of Americana while in Subic.

Subic Homes is a company that manages US servicemen's homes that have been converted into houses for rent to the public. Located along Binictican Drive, which used to be the base's housing area, the homes offer guests and residents an environment reminiscent of the Subic Base of old.

The area gives off a distinct American feel, as if one was in the middle of suburbia instead of Subic. The houses are set in front of wide roads shaded by big trees, with front and back yards and no fences. Inside, each house is equipped with centralized air conditioning and is laid out in a style made familiar by American movies and TV shows. There are different types of houses with different numbers of rooms to suit guests' needs, ranging from a basic three bedroom serviceman's house to the much bigger officer's residences.


Subic Homes are available for rent via a daily rental fee or for long-term lease, which means that most of the units are occupied by actual residents. The area lends guests the feel of living in an American community, and is a good option for people looking to stay on a long-term basis. Guests are welcome to use the nearby clubhouse's amenities, which include a swimming pool. There are also plans to make one room units available for small groups or solo guests available in the future.

With its tight security and semi-isolated location (a private car is necessary to reach the area, though a van service can be arranged for a fee), Subic Homes is a viable option for folks who are looking to experience life in a small community while living the local version of the American dream.