Sundowners Vacation Villas: a Paradise in Pangasinan

Sundowners Vacation Villas will make you experience a Greek vacation in the country

By Mathew S. Chan
April 07, 2017

It’s not Greece but Sundowners Bolinao in Pangasinan

Sundowners Bolinao

Places like Mykonos and Santorini in Greece are incredibly popular destinations because of the lush architecture and sights to behold. It can be expensive to go and visit them first hand so several establishments use them as inspiration. This is exactly the intention of Sundowners Vacation Villas—and they do it so well.

lounge area at sundowners

Sundownders Vacation Villas is located in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Bolinao is, of course, famous for its caves and waterfalls as well as Patar Beach, Enchanted Cove, Bolinao Falls and the Lighthouse. Sundowners patterns its look from the villas of Santorini, lowly cubicle-like buildings that are whitewashed in color. They have nine villas that cater to all kinds of guests from couples to families to barkadas. No matter which villa you end up staying at, you are welcomed with a stunning view of the ocean and the nearby islands to make you feel like you are in an otherworldly paradise.

pool in sundowners vacation villas

The place has easy access to the stunning beach that Bolinao is known for. If you feel like just staying at the resort, you can do so and relax in one of their two infinity pools. One of them is exclusive to occupants of the Masters Villa. But if no one is there, it can be accessed by anyone who’s renting another villa. By booking the Masters Villa you have free access to kayaks, canoes, and rafts. You can also arrange for a private massage, private bangka, and car rentals.

infinity pool in sundowners vacation villas

The second infinity pool comes with a three-foot deep kiddie pool with fountain and built-in dive board. It is perfect for your children but you can also just sit there relax to get a tan. The infinity pool also has a bar next to it where you can have some cocktails. And at 12 meters, it is a great space to go on morning laps to start the day or take a dive from the board as the pool is up to 15-feet deep.

sundowners vacation villas

You can’t go wrong with a vacation at Sundowners Vacation Villas. If you are searching for the European getaway for way less, then look no further because Sundowners is exactly what you are looking for and more.


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