Surf's Up at Eastern Samar

Surfer and photographer Kage Gozun shows us why surfers gravitate towards Calicoan, Eastern Samar.

By Kage Gozun
December 23, 2011

A decade ago, no one was talking much about Eastern Samar as a surf destination. Those who knew about it weren't sharing what they knew. And why should they, when the pristine coastlines of the area were the perfect combination of clean water, excellent waves, and empty line-ups?

They still are, truth be told. Except now the secret is out. Calicoan beach, Eastern Samar has started gaining a reputation as the last bastion for swell-hungry wave hunters searching for some uncrowded surf in paradise.

Travelers enjoy the solitude of Calicoan, about half an hour away from the town of Guiuan. The strip of resorts--ranging from backpacker friendly to living luxe--line the coastline with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Days are lost to laying out in the sun, paddling one of the four main peaks of the reef breaks, and posing for cheesy profile photos under coconut trees. Evenings are quiet and often you'll need to supply your own entertainment. All in all, the anti-thesis to the crowded, super hectic city life you just escaped from.

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