Tagaytay Travel Information

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By Kristy Texon
April 23, 2012


A favorite destination for travelers, Tagaytay offers a nearby escape for visitors from Manila. The nippy weather and the picturesque view of the Taal Volcano draw both locals and tourists to Tagaytay, especially during the summer. The city is also home to a selection of specialty restaurants--among the most popular ones are Sonya's Garden, Antonio's, and the classic fastfood Mushroomburger. Charming bed and breakfasts also make Tagaytay the perfect spot for lazy weekends.


  • Tagaytay was used as a sanctuary for revolutionaries during the Philippine revolution.
  • A small village of families occupied Tagaytay before it was declared a city in 1938.
  • Development took off in the 1970s when investors recognized Tagaytay's potential as a recreational destination.

Travelers' Attractions

  • Most travelers go to Tagaytay to enjoy the majestic view of the Taal Volcano. The volcano can be seen from different viewing decks, but travelers who want a closer view can take a tour to the crater lake.
  • Tagaytay has a number of specialty and only-in-Tagaytay restaurants that are worth the drive from Manila. Among the notable establishments are Sonya's Garden, Antonio's, Bag of Beans, and Mushroomburger. The Mahogany Market is also popular for the stalls that sell bulalo.
  • The city is a good place for animal lovers. Horseback riding is offered, and zoos such as Paradizoo and the Residence Inn Zoo allow visitors to see animals up close.
  • With its sprawling greens, Tagaytay is an ideal spot for golf enthusiasts. The Tagaytay Highlands Golf Club has one of the more popular courses.
  • Recently, travelers have been visiting Tagaytay to try zip-lining at the Picnic Grove.
  • Travelers who love plants can visit gardens that dot the city. Potted plants are also sold in various roadside stalls or shops.
  • The Pink Sisters Convent is a known place of worship in Tagaytay, but another popular church, the Caleruega Chapel in Batangas, is also easily accessible.

Getting There and Away

  • The easiest way by private vehicle to Tagaytay is to take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) / ACTEx (Alabang / Carmona / Sto. Tomas Expressway) and take either the Sta. Rosa or Greenfield Exits and head to the Tagaytay Public Market. A right turn will lead to the city proper, while a left turn will take travelers to the People's Park in the Sky. Travel time from Manila is roughly an hour and a half.
  • Alternatively, travelers can ride JAM, Crow Transit, San Agustin, Saulog, BLTB, Kirby, or Celyrosa buses going to Tagaytay.


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Photography (L-R): Betty Tianco and Aissa Pineda