The Manor at Camp John Hay

One of Baguio’s iconic hotels stands up to the test of time, offering comfortable accommodations and excellent service.

By Yvette Tan
October 25, 2011

It is impossible to visit Baguio and not set foot in Camp John Hay. The area, which refers to both the military reservation and another area set aside for rest and recreation, has been drawing visitors because of its various attractions, which include beautiful gardens, a golf course, and The Manor.


Photos by The Manor Camp John Hay

The Manor is a four-storey hotel and convention center that has made a name for itself for several reasons. It is one of-if not the-biggest hotels in the City, boasting 177 rooms, each with a beautiful view of either meticulously manicured lawns or of the surrounding forest reserve and the Cordillera mountain range. The hotel is distinguished by its architecture, which evokes Filipino-colonial hospitality on a grand scale, giving off a cozy yet luxurious ambiance, making guests feel at home in Baguio's cold climes.

There is more to The Manor than its accommodations. The hotel has become a dining hotspot, as this is where Chef Billy King's Le Chef at The Manor is located. Also here is the Le Chef Delicatessen, which offers a selection of freshly baked bread and pastries and homemade sauces for guests to take home. Guests rave about the buffet breakfast the hotel offers every day, which consists of tables upon tables of local and international stapes, as well as Baguio goodies like fresh strawberry jam and yogurt. The hotel also has an in-house spa where guests are soothed and pampered, to better enjoy Baguio's relaxing atmosphere.

The hotel is but a short ride away from Baguio's main areas, but is isolated enough so as to make guests feel as if they are in their own world. The John Hay grounds are vast, and include areas and activities such as a concessionaire that sells local and PX goods, picnic grounds, a two-kilometer eco trail that's perfect for getting some of that fresh Baguio air,  and a butterfly sanctuary.

Photos by The Manor Camp John Hay

There's a reason that The Manor has become a destination, even for guests that don't stay overnight. It has a relaxed atmosphere that only Baguio can offer, coupled with a kind of luxury, class, and service that is in a league of its own.

How to get there:

There are buses that ply the route between Manila and Baguio. From the bus station, one can hail a cab to take them to the hotel.