Kawasan Falls – A Quick Travel Guide

Experience a smooth trip to this natural wonder in Cebu.

By Mathew S. Chan
March 03, 2017

Kawasan Falls Travel Guide

kawasan falls

Kawasan Falls in Cebu is a peaceful natural spring located within the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. If you are looking for a serene getaway to a waterfall with nice clear waters and a relaxing ambiance, look no further than this beautiful natural wonder.

The falls has three tiers with the first being the largest and most crowded. It is usually the last destination for canyoneering and a must visit site for anyone wanting to see more of what the island of Cebu has to offer.

How to Get There

The best way to the falls is to take a bus if you don’t have your own car. If you are in Cebu City, head to the Cebu South Bus Terminal. It should only be around PHP 80.00 or less by taxi, depending on where you are coming from. You can also take the jeep (fare starts at PHP 7.50). Once there you have the choice of either Ceres Bus or Rough Riders Bus. Both cost around the same amount at PHP 120.00 per trip. You also have the option to take Librando Bus whose terminal is right across the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Ask to be dropped off at Matutinao Church Badian for Kawasan Falls. It will take about two hours to get there without traffic. You’ll be taking a scenic route as well so you can enjoy the ride.

Before Going to the Falls

Before heading to the falls, be sure to drop by Matutinao Church. You can take pictures of it and admire its modern architecture. There are several guides who will offer their services to walk you to the falls. You can choose to hire them or just walk the path yourself—it’s relatively simple and you won’t really get lost if you opt to go alone. The entrance fee to the falls is just around PHP 10.00.

Once there, you will hear the rush of the falls and feel the cool and rejuvenating environment. It will feel like you have arrived in a beautiful jungle paradise with this marvellous waterfalls at the center of it all. You will see the largest tier first and it is also the most crowded. Feel free to head to the second one, which is just a little climb up from the first. It’s smaller but more developed.

What to Do at the Falls and Rates

While at Kawasan Falls, you have lots of things to do, from swimming to cliff diving. You can go for a hike and explore the surroundings as well. If you are with a group, there are cottages you can rent for a day at around PHP 400.00. Rooms are also nearby and can be rented for more than PHP 1,000.00. Bamboo rafts are also available at PHP 400.00. Whether you’re a good swimmer or not, it’s best to rent a life vest at PHP 30.00 to PHP 40.00 just to be safe. Remember that the cold temperatures of the water from the falls can make you cramp up easily.

Kawasan Falls is a real natural beauty and a must visit for anyone in Cebu. It’s a nice place to relax and go for a rejuvenating escape as the water is clear and cold. Swim with friends, enjoy the peace, and just let Kawasan Falls cleanse you of your troubles.