TravelBook at the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The TravelBook team goes on a trip to see the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark and takes a fun photobooth along.

By TravelBook
February 14, 2011


TravelBook joined hundreds of travelers, photographers, and aviation enthusiasts at the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga last weekend for the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. After a very hot opening day and a bit of rain on Friday, the weather was cloudy on Saturday, allowing fairgoers to stay throughout the day to enjoy the booths, exhibitions, and other activities.


Aside from watching the balloons take flight and enjoying the fair-like atmosphere, the TravelBook team set up a photobooth in cooperation with event sponsor R.O.X. The booth was located next to R.O.X's wall, which got a steady stream of climbers throughout the day.


Photobooth participants posed with all kinds of props--funky hats, glasses, and chalkboard speech balloons--and received a free print of a selected pose, with the rest available for download on the site (see the links below).

If you had your photo taken at our booth, you can view, share, or download the images easily--just click on the link corresponding to your batch number and scroll through the gallery to find your photos. Don't forget to log in or register so you can click on the thumbnails to display the larger photos (you can also click on the Download link to save the image directly).


  • Check the back of your free printout to find your batch number.

  • Click on the link for your batch number below.

  • Look for your photos.

  • Click on the thumbnail to view the main photo page. From the main photo page, you can right click on the image to save it as a file, or you can use the share button to share it on Facebook or other social networking sites.

  • You can also click directly on the download link from the gallery page to save the file.


Photobooth Batch 001
Photobooth Batch 002
Photobooth Batch 003
Photobooth Batch 004
Photobooth Batch 005
Photobooth Batch 006
Photobooth Batch 007
Photobooth Batch 008
Photobooth Batch 009
Photobooth Batch 010
Photobooth Batch 011
TravelBook Team Photobooth



Thanks to everyone who made our first photobooth outing a success: to our subjects, for their creative poses and game attitudes; to the R.O.X team, for letting us share their space; and to Ford, for the Fiestas that comfortably got us to the fair and admirably rose to the challenge of stowing all our stuff.