TravelBook Fans Share 5 Favorite Delicacies from Cebu

Check out this guide to tasty native food from Cebu from our Facebook fans.

By Nigel Maranan
January 10, 2014

Planning to visit Cebu? Apart from the city’s famous attractions, Cebu City is also popular for its delicious delicacies. We asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite food from Cebu. Read on to find out what some of them said.

Lechon Cebu
Suggested by Angelica Baltazar

If you are looking for the best lechon in the country, it's time to visit Cebu. Try different types from all around the province. Enjoy a serving of spicy lechon from Rico’s Lechon. For the lechon lovers who are in it for the crunchy bites, CnT Lechon never disappoints. Get your meaty lechon with less fat while time maintaining its delicious crunch.

Suggested by Yein Cruzado

A treat that originates from Cebu, otap, also known as utap, is an oval-shaped puff pastry popular all over the country. Otap is made from a mixture of shortening, coconut, flour, and sugar, which is then baked twice to achieve its crispy and flaky texture.

Suggested by Yolanda Bantula

Cebu is most famous for its production of mangoes also known as the Guadalupe carabao variety. The outside of the mango is bright yellow with sweet flesh inside. Cebu's dried mangoes are also famous with both local and international tourists.


Suggested by Marilyn Asinas

Often served as part of a silog (fried rice, egg, and tomatoes), Cebu’s danggit is a must-try when visiting the city. It's made from dried rabbitfish and can be found sold in packs at affordable prices at the local market.

Suggested by Marcelita Ong

For chicharon lovers, Cebu is definitely a place to visit! Chicharon is made from deep-fried pork skin, which is crispy and crunchy when eaten. Places to visit to get the perfect Cebu chicharon are Lilo-an Chicharon, Chicharitos, and Chilen’s Chicharon.

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