TravelBook Fans Share 5 Favorite Pinoy Desserts

Beat the heat with these yummy treats.

By Nigel Maranan
April 02, 2014


Feeling the heat this summer? Take your mind off the weather with a sweet Filipino treat.’s Facebook fans share their favorite Pinoy desserts below from halo-halo to leche flan. How about you? What’s your favorite? Share your own dessert cravings in a comment below.

Leche Flan
Suggested by Girlie Teresa

Made from egg yolks and condensed milk, this delicious caramel custard dessert is definitely a favorite! It is normally eaten as is, but it can also be put in other desserts such as halo-halo. Over the years, new twists on the traditional leche flan recipe abound, including pinipig leche flan and leche flan sponge cake.


Suggested by Gianna Cruz

Popular all year round, halo-halo is your best option if you want to beat the summer heat. It is made from crushed ice topped with a choice of ingredients such as nata de coco, different types of beans, sugared banana, jelly, and pinipig.

Buko Pandan Salad
Suggested by Bezz Cabasag

This creamy dessert is made from stripped coconut, jelly, flavoring, and cream. Best served frozen or highly chilled, buko salad is a common Pinoy dessert served at birthday parties, fiestas, and family gatherings.

Suggested by Lita Garcia

Also known as purple yam, ube is another popular dessert in the Philippines. It is made from purple yam, which is peeled and cooked over a heat. Sugar and milk is then mixed with the yam until it forms a thick consistency. Ube is delicious enough to be eaten as is, but you can also eat with bread or serve it with halo-halo, among other things.

Mais Con Yelo
Suggested by Cookie Francisco

Mais con yelo is another cool dessert perfect for summer. Made from shredded ice, crushed corn, sugar, and milk, it’s something you can enjoy whether you’re having a staycation in the metro or sunbathing at the beach.

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