TravelBook Fans Share 5 Popular Delicacies from Boracay

Your guide to food tripping in Boracay

By Nigel Maranan
April 24, 2014

Going to Boracay this summer? Enjoying the white sand and trying out extreme water sports are just some of the things you can do on this stunning island. Take your vacation to another level by having a food trip! TravelBook Facebook fans share their favorite food finds below. Check them out the next time you’re in Boracay.


Three Cheese Pizza
Suggested by Appla Factura

Who doesn’t like pizza? Enjoy traditional brick oven-baked pizzas at Aria Cucina Italiana in D’Mall. The place uses quality ingredients straight from Italy. Their three cheese variant is a must-try.


Chorizo Burger
Suggested by Yana Agaton

If Manila is famous for street food like fishballs and balut, Boracay has its chorizo burger. The combination of a fresh bun with a meaty chorizo patty and sauce makes the chori burger a must try. You can have this with the family for lunch or enjoy with a couple of beers with your barkada.


Jonah’s Fruit Shake
Suggested by Prince Ramos

Beat the heat on a hot summer day with a fruit shake. Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar has made a mark on Boracay for its delicious fruit shakes. Enjoy tropical flavors such as mango and melon.


Calamansi Muffin
Suggested by Jona Alforue

Real Coffee Boracay’s famous calamansi muffins are another must-eat. These zesty calamansi treats are moist on the inside. You will surely end up buying a couple boxes to bring back home with you.



Suggested by Zamora Feb

Traveling to a coastal island makes it a lot easier and cheaper to experience the best seafood. Have your favorite dishes cooked to your delight at one of the restaurants at D’Talipapa. Some must-tries are lobsters, king prawns, mussels, baked oysters, and barbequed squid.

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