TravelBook Fans Share 5 Top Delicacies from Tagaytay

Your guide to food tripping in Tagaytay

By Nigel Maranan
May 01, 2014

Heading to Tagaytay for the weekend? Enjoy spectacular views of Taal Lake and Volcano as well as the scenic surroundings that can be seen along Aguinaldo Highway. Make the most out of your Tagaytay trip by going on a foodtrip! TravelBook Facebook fans share some of the most popular food finds you can find in the popular city of Tagaytay. Read on to find out what they are.

Salad Buffet
Suggested by Donato Yu

If you are conscious of gaining the extra pounds or calories while away from home, why not eat healthy! Dine at Sonya’s Garden where you can try their famous salad buffet. Combine your favorite salad greens and dressings as you enjoy the natural surroundings of the restaurant.

Suggested by Katara Villanueva

Traveling to Tagaytay City is not complete without trying some bulalo! Find Tagaytay’s most popular bulalo at Leslie’s Restaurant. Enjoy a large bowl of rich tasting bulalo with your friends, as you enjoy the view of Taal Lake and Volcano.  

Suggested by France Vidor

One of Tagaytay’s most popular fresh produce are pineapples. Before heading back to Manila don’t forget to drop by at the public market to purchase some fresh pineapples, which are relevantly cheaper and fresher than those sold at the supermarket. You can also buy other locally produced vegetables while you are there.


Suggested by Jaymie Garcia

Craving for something sweet? Visit Bag of Beans and taste their popular sylvanas. Made from cashew-meringue wafers sandwiched together with a sweet butter cream, Sylvanas are perfect with a hot cup of brewed coffee.

Buko Tart
Suggested by Melgine Bayot

A popular Filipino dessert made from sweet preserves and a rich baked tart, you will surely want more once you try Rowena’s buko tart in Tagaytay. Choose from their various flavors such as ube, apple, pineapple, and mango. Rowena’s is also famous for their blueberry and strawberry cheesecake and tamarind preserves.

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