TravelBook Fans Share 5 Top Hometown Delicacies

Enjoy these dishes from all over the Philippines.

By Nigel Maranan
March 03, 2014

Traveling across the Philippines is more fun when you know you can taste different delicacies as you visit various regions. Nothing beats going back to your home province and eating your favorite native dish, which is cooked with love and the freshest produce. We asked our Facebook fans to share which food from their province they love best. Read on to find what some of them said.  

Lechon | Cebu
Suggested by Stef Gj

Slow cooked over charcoal, lechon is a favorite amongst food lovers—especially it’s from Cebu.  Roasted to perfection until the pig’s skin has become brown and crisp, Cebu lechon is a popular dish for all occasions from festivals to parties.

| Ilocos Norte

Suggested by DG Ann Pasion

The empanada is a snack you will often come across when visiting Ilocos Norte. Made from deep fried monggo, papaya strips, and Vigan longganisa wrapped in a dough crust, Ilocos Norte’s empanada is truly a Filipino snack you should try on your trip.

Sisig | Pampanga
Suggested by Lynne Canda

If you are fond of spicy dishes, then Pampanga’s sisig is for you. Made out of chopped pig head parts and liver, which are boiled, fried and served on a sizzling plate, the dish is ideal for dinners or late night drinking sessions.

Pancit Malabon | Malabon City, Metro Manila

Suggested by Abby Urbano

Pancit malabon is a popular Filipino dish from Malabon City. Often served at parties, it is also a merienda snack favored by many Pinoys. The dish is made of noodles in a special sauce, which incorporates patis and crab fat, giving it its unique taste.

Napoleones | Bacolod
Suggested by Shannin Villaruel

Traveling to Bacolod? Then you will surely be back for its Napoleones dessert. This sweet treat is made from flour, butter, milk, and sugar, which is then baked to form a flaky pastry sandwich. It is also filled with sweet custard cream.

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