Cramming with last-minute preparations for Valentine’s Day? Here are some things to think about so you can have a night to remember

By John Ray Lomugdang
February 11, 2016

Valentine’s Day, to be honest, can be stressful for some of us, especially the guys. It’s that time of the year where males (or females for those who made “love win”) should be suited up—with flowers and chocolates—and take his special someone for a romantic time together over dinner. But as we struggle with the busy and daily grind, some of us may not have the time to prepare properly for this special occasion. So for those who are trying to pull off a last-minute dinner date this Valentine’s Day weekend, gives you some of the things that a well-prepared urbanite like you should remember.

Ladies, make sure your man reads this.

Look for a quiet and accessible place.
If you haven’t planned anything yet as you read this, expect that most of the good venues have already been booked. For a great Valentine’s Day dinner date, you have to choose a quiet and accessible place, though finding one can be quite a challenge when you’re in Metro Manila. The restaurants in the malls are always there, but they will be cramped over the weekend which can turn off your date. Unless you both love to eavesdrop on the other tables (awful, but fun), then do so at your own risk.

Check the menu first.
The last thing you want for the weekend is to find yourself in the emergency room because your date (or even you) ate something that causes allergies. Check the menu online in advance or try calling the restaurant first to inquire about food that may have allergens. Hotels and restaurants usually post their menus online and they are very much willing to entertain calls about these things. Believe it or not, that plain-looking salad might have something that can cause your date some nasty allergies.

What’s your budget?
This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday so that means you’ll probably have your paycheck either by Friday or Monday. Plan your budget and go for something that you can comfortably afford. You don’t want to just splurge that weekend and have to borrow money the following week. There are hotels that bundle dinner dates with an overnight stay which can save you money. Remember to choose only the deal that suits your budget.

Dude, it’s all about the experience.
You also have to consider that above anything else, this weekend will be all about the experience. By experience, remember to impress your date with the venue lighting, the service, the view, the food, your manners, and the things you will talk about. Keep in mind that this moment should be something memorable for your date. Bring her somewhere that will make her feel comfortable and show that you value her. Remember that flowers will rot and chocolates can give you diabetes, but she’ll forever remember those romantic moments with you.

No special someone? Treat someone else. Like your mom, perhaps?
Valentine’s Day can sometimes be overhyped, especially in the eyes of those who are not too happy about being single. Don’t let yourself be left out and movie marathon the weekend away. Why not try treating your parents out somewhere not too far away from home? They deserve a nice dinner date too, you know.’s Recommendation:
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