Traveling with The Itchyworms' Jugs and Kel

Denise Mallabo chats with Jugs Jugueta and Kelvin Yu of the Itchyworms and finds out how they like to travel.

By Denise J. Mallabo
December 09, 2011

This year, the Itchyworms celebrated their 15th year in the music industry. And like other successful bands out there, they have their share of touring around the country for gigs. correspondent Denise Mallabo talked to vocalist and guitarist Jugs Jugueta and bassist and back vocalist Kelvin Yu, one half of the band and hosts of Jam 88.3's Jam Sessions with Jugs and Kel on why they both love going to Boracay, what their favorite food is, and the essentials that they can't hit the road without.

Photo by Jugs Jugueta

Do you like traveling?

Kelvin: Yes, enjoy ako sa pagtravel, especially with the band, since I get to go to all these places for free. And the best part of it is I also get paid! I also love to eat, so traveling to new places and discovering new food is the bomb!

Jugs: Yes, I love traveling! I love seeing new places! My band and I have been to most (if not all) the major places in the Philippines.

How often do you get to travel?

Kel: It depends. The band has out of town gigs around once or twice a week, sometimes even more, so I get to travel quite a lot and I'm not complaining. Enjoy talaga!

Jugs: I get to travel a lot because of my band! We get to play in all corners of the Philippines. It's a dream job, actually.

What kind of traveler are you?

Kel: I wouldn't say na cowboy traveler ako. Hindi naman luxe, basta importante lang may running water, matinong banyo, at walang insekto.

Jugs: I'm a practical person, so I travel light. I bring only what is needed. But the most important thing in a hotel for me is that it should have a nice bathroom with a hot shower.

What kind of a packer are you and what must you always bring when traveling?

Kel: Dati sobrang overpacker ako. I'd usually get back from a trip and for the next three days, dun ako sa bag ko kumukuha ng isusuot na damit. Over the past few years I evolved into a light packer. Yung mga clothes ko are as follows: isang pang gig, isang pantulog, at isang panguwi. Okay na ako and among my must bring items are my iPad, iPod, and Beats by Dre headset. Solb na ako dun!

Jugs: I was a boy scout, so I'm quite the complete packer. I'm not a neat packer, but I'm pretty sure that everything I need is inside my Samsonite.

Photo by Kelvin Yu

What is your favorite local destination and why?

Kel: Kahit overcrowded na, I'd have to say Boracay. Steady dun pag off peak season at ang sarap uminom sa beach, hindi ka nalalasing.

Jugs: My girlfriend and I have been going to Boracay annually for several years now. I know it's a little bit cliché, but we really like it there. We usually stay in the far away Station 1. We go there for the beach, not for the parties.

How often do you get to visit Boracay?

Kel: I get to go to Boracay around once a year, either for a gig or for vacation. I'd like to visit it more often though.

Jugs: We try to go there at least once a year.

What's your favorite Filipino dish and where's the best place in the country that you've had it?

Kel: Madami akong favorite na pagkain. Eating ang hobby ng banda ko! I guess halata naman sa itsura namin. In no particular order:

3M Pancit a.k.a. Pancit Highblood - Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Sisig - Pampanga
Sizzling Pochero - Abuhan Dos, Cebu
Curacha - Alavar's General Santos

Jugs: Sizzling Bulalo from Abuhan Dos in Cebu! How can something so wrong taste so right?

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