Basta Pinas, Napintas!

Frank Cimatu is always either chasing down a story or simply enjoying life in the mountain city, in a style that is purely his own.

By Frank Cimatu
June 01, 2011

Frank Cimatu is an award-winning poet who dabbles in many things including journalism, NGO work, and events coordination. He is a repository of Baguio knowledge and lore, knowing the best and worst places for, well, almost anything in Baguio, and more importantly, being able to tell which of the two it is that you need the most.

The famous Baguio lion
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Baguio City, due to its cool climate, is also referred to as the Philippines' Summer Capital. The City was established by the Americans in 1900, and was planned by architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham, for whom Baguio's most famous park is named after. Aside from its weather, Baguio City is famous for, among other things, its fresh produce, interesting souvenir items, and burgeoning art scene.

The Philippines is a beautiful country, with many delights still undiscovered by fellow Filipinos. Baguio's culture places a high regard on aesthetics, something that the country naturally has a lot of. That's why to Frank, Basta Pinas, Napintas!


Frank Cimatu is a Palanca-Award-winning poet and a correspondent for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. His CV lists him as a "poet, blogger, NGO worker, editor, newspaper reporter, art critic and eventologist."