Vacation Planning for Balikbayans

Loved ones coming home for the holidays? Here are a few tips on planning a trip for them.

By TravelBook
November 21, 2011

Christmas is coming soon, and so are relatives and friends from abroad. Hit two birds with one stone and take a vacation and spend time with them simultaneously. Treat your balikbayan loved ones to a trip, but remember to take these 5 things into consideration:

Respect their catch-up time.

Balikbayans are here for only a certain amount of time, and there is no doubt there are a lot of things they want to do and a lot of people they want to see while they are here. While the trip would be a nice surprise for them, make sure they don't have any plans on the days you schedule your travels.

Take them somewhere new.

When your relatives or friends have been away from the country for a span of time, they are likely to be interested in the new establishments and destinations. Plan the trip so that you take them to a place they haven't visited before, giving them the opportunity to be somewhere both familiar and new at the same time.

Try looking for balikbayan tour packages and promos.

To make planning the trip easier, and possibly more affordable, look for tour packages or resort promos that cater specifically to balikbayans. These usually include activities and meals, so that you spend less time, effort, and money planning a great vacation.

Invite a select group of people.

Though people home from abroad will want to spend time with all their loved ones here, it can be overwhelming to entertain a lot of people at once. Keeping your travel group to a small number of close family and friends will ensure that each of you get to spend more time with each other and enjoy the trip more.

Take their needs and interests into consideration.

Do your balikbayan guests need to relax? Are they looking for adventure? Are they looking to stay somewhere luxurious or are they willing to rough it up? Since you're planning the trip as a way to welcome them back home, these are questions you need to ask before making any big decisions about the kind of trip you're going to take. Once you've established what kind of experience you're looking to get out of this trip, then you can proceed with booking accommodations and planning an itinerary.