Where to Eat in La Union

After riding waves, treat your tongue to delightful waves of flavor.

By Mathew S. Chan
May 10, 2017

Where to Eat in La Union

Where to eat in La Union - Gefseis Greek Grill
Photo from Gefseis Greek Grill's Facebook page

They say that the Philippines has the best beaches in the world, and places like Boracay and Palawan will be full of tourists for sure. But over the years, people are slowly appreciating the quieter and less urbanized beaches like the ones in La Union. The province is a haven for surfers and it’s also frequented by people who want a more relaxed and chill environment, not to mention the cool accommodations and overall laid back ambiance.

Good food is also abundant in La Union, and you won’t be struggling to find the next place for your next meal. If you are visiting La Union anytime soon, here are five places you can eat at.

Photo from Gefseis Greek Grill's Facebook page

1. Gefseis Greek Grill
Authentic Greek food is indulgent, but who can resist something that’s definitely tasty and something new? Gefseis Greek Grill in La Union is one of the rare Greek restaurants you’d find outside the metro. Besides serving up scrumptious dishes made with fresh ingredients, the restaurant follows a charming Greek theme that will transport you to isle of Greece. It is pricier compared to most restaurants around but you can expect to be treated with large servings and unique flavors.

Address: Urbiztondo Beach Urbiztondo, San Juan

Photo from Surf Shack's Facebook page

2. Surf Shack
Much like the laid back atmosphere of La Union, Surf Shack welcomes you with its very serene open-air setup, which feels very easy to appreciate unlike if it was a straightforward sit-down restaurant. You’d feel like you’re just hanging out within a food community where you are welcomed by different stalls of food for a variety of choices. With favorites like their specialty pizzas, wings, and even shawarma, there is much to try here and all while being serenaded by a live-band.

Address: National Highway, San Juan, La Union

Photo from El Union's Instagram Page

3. El Union Coffee
It goes without saying that when you are in La Union, it is a must that you visit El Union Coffee. This hip cafe has been a staple in La Union. You can get a nice cup of brewed or iced coffee as well as some favorites like French toast and smores. Beyond the good food and drink, it is a hub for locals and visitors to interact and chat because of its welcoming and charming environment. It’s a nice place where you can sit down and watch the sunset. You can also take photos there if you want something cool to post on Instagram.

Address: MacArthur National Highway, Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Photo from Mad Monkey's Facebook page

4. Mad Monkeys
It’s tempting to have a burger and hotdog after swimming or surfing. If you are looking for a good burger joint in La Union, then Mad Monkeys should be your first stop. The place is jampacked, and it’s no surprise why considering they offer some of the best choices in the area. Their Classic Burger is a must try and it is served with a lot of crispy fries. You get a combination of bold flavors from the sauce and a nice, juicy patty that you’ll crave for every meal. You are also in for a treat as Mad Monkeys invites local artists to perform almost all the time.

Address: Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Photo from Tagpuan's Facebook page

5. Tagpuan
If you are looking for a nice, simple restaurant that’s affordable and easy to appreciate, then look no further than Tagpuan. It is a quaint restaurant along Manila North Rd. that specializes in Filipino food. While there, you can have some of their delectable dishes such as Pork Bagnet Rice. If you need a simple place to hang out and drink or maybe sober up after a hard night of partying Tagpuan is, well, just as the name suggests, is the place to go.

Address: Urbiztondo Beach, San Fernando, La Union

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