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Zambales Blog

Zambales Blog

Anawangin Cove: Your Guide to An Affordable Trip

The allure of Anawangin Cove Photo by Oliver Mercader via Flickr Creative Commons Crystal clear waters, unusual grey sand shores, and a bustling forest filled with Agoho trees—it’s no wonder... Read more

Top 5 Yacht Clubs in the Philippines

Admit it. When you’re painstakingly commuting to work and you’re stuck in the EDSA traffic or the sardine can that is the MRT, you start to daydream what it would... Read more

Featured Hotel of the Month: White Rock Water Park & Beach Hotel

White Rock Water Park & Beach Hotel is Subic’s first year-round resort. This means they’re open even when it’s not summer, so if you’re planning a vacation during the rainy... Read more

5 Secluded Beaches near Manila for a Peaceful Getaway

Beach bumming truly is one of the popular ways to de-stress. Most city dwellers spend the weekend by going on road trips to the nearby beaches in Northern and Southern... Read more

5 Awesome Spots in the Philippines to Go Camping

For most backpackers, camping is the accommodation of choice: it is budget-friendly and gets you closer to nature. Unlike staying at a hotel, camping also encourages you to forego modern... Read more

5 Adventure Parks near Manila for Barkada Trips

You and your barkada are a tight-knit group, and you make it a point to see each other once in a while to bond. But pigging out at food districts,... Read more

10 Out of Town Trips Under PHP 2,500

Anytime is a great time for a vacation, but sadly, our resources are always limited. But who says you need to spend a lot for some R&R? Here are some... Read more

Valentine’s Day Tip: Go on a Beach Getaway

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a weekend and that opens up a lot of date possibilities. Though some would resort to just staying in the city, why not go... Read more

5 European-Inspired Hotels in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country, but sometimes we can’t help but wonder what else there is to see in the world. Going to Europe is a dream of... Read more

5 Subic Hotel Promos

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t go on vacation. Subic is just a 2-hour drive away, so if you’re planning a weekend sojourn, it’s the perfect... Read more