Zamboanga Travel Guide

Zamboanga Travel Guide

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5 dishes to try in zamboanga

My trip to Zamboanga has been an adventure not only for me but for my taste buds too. Every dish gave me a sneak peek of the city’s culture through... Read More

october festivals 2012

As the “ber months” come in swiftly, the weather gradually drops making long walks outdoors more leisurely and worthwhile. Traveling within the city or across regions is encouraged during this... Read More

june festivals 2012

June is the month when we break out our umbrellas and raincoats due to incessant rains and thunderstorms, but it’s also the month when we celebrate some of the most... Read More

10 + 1 things to do in zamboanga city

Picture perfect pink sanded Santa Cruz Island, colorful vinta sails, and the historic 300 year old Spanish fort may well be Zamboanga‘s star attractions, and with good reason. But only... Read More

remembering rizal: dapitan and dipolog city

In search of a bit of history, architect and photographer Abet Lagula follows Rizal to his place of exile, Dapitan. Along the way, he discovers the old and new attractions... Read More

7 secluded beaches

More and more beaches in the Philippines are becoming popular tourist spots, attracting crowds of people, especially during weekends and holidays. Hotels and resort have appeared on the beachfronts, narrowing... Read More

october festivals

October, though a rainy month, is the beginning of the travel season for many people in the Philippines, as it is during this time that one of the year’s long... Read More

!bienvenidos la ciudad de zamboanga: zamboanga city at a glance

Flying to Zamboanga twice a year is always a joy. To many travelers, the city means only the faded glitter of Mindanao, long stripped of its allure. Zamboanga City–located on... Read More

zamboanga travel information

Why Go Approximately 850 km south of the Manila and at the southernmost tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula in Mindanao is Zamboanga city, an entry point to many destinations in Southeast Asia.... Read More

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