Zorb Ride Round-Up

Roll down a hill or walk on water in five different destinations.

By Travelbook
January 17, 2011

People are generally limited by their physical capacities and basic physics, but extreme sports like waterskiing or skateboarding often give people the chance to do things they normally couldn't--flip head over heels, walk on water, and go down a slope at a high speed unharmed. If you'd like to try those things but want to keep on the safe side, then you might enjoy going on a Zorb globe ride.

A Zorb is a large plastic sphere built to hold one to three people. It looks a bit like a giant hamster ball or an oversized plastic bubble, and it is usually rolled down a slope. Some Zorb balls have straps inside to keep passengers in place, while others pose the challenge for riders to stay on both feet during the ride. Sometimes, water is poured into the Zorb and the passengers get to slip and slide inside the ball as they roll down the hill. Other types of Zorbs are made to be rode on water-certain parks have ponds where the water Zorbs float, and passengers can experience walking on water.

Zorb ball rides are cropping up in adventure parks and tourist destinations all over the country. If you're looking to try this extreme sport, here are the places you can go:

  1. Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna has a water Zorb ride that costs P50 for 10 minutes. There are two kinds of Zorb balls floating on a small pond in the amusement park, a large tubular kind that can accommodate several people, and a smaller spherical Zorb for one person (or two kids).
  2. Boracay 's got more than just a beach-it's also got a Zorb park! Try rolling down a small mountain in a three-meter ball. The Zorb Harness ride, which is for two to three people costs P320 per head, while the Zorb Hydro Ride (where water is poured into the Zorb) costs P580 for a solo ride, P380 a head for two people, and P300 a head for three people.
  3. Davao was one of the first in the Philippines to have it's own Davao Zorb Park, where visitors can try the Zorb for P200.
  4. Dahilayan Adventure Park in Cagayan de Oro is known for its zipline, but it's also got a Zorb ride, which costs P300 per person.
  5. Talima Adventure and Water Park in Cebu offers Zorb rides among other watersports and adventure activities. The Spintacular water rollers (which are similar to Enchanted Kingdom's water Zorbs) cost P100 for 10 minutes.
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