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Dating is a magical experience for two people in the hopes of getting to know each other more and maybe start a relationship in the long run. In addition, dating is also a great way for a couple to spend time together and reconnect. But with the fast-paced lifestyle of the city, these opportunities can often feel rush and crowded. Whether you’re looking to impress someone or plan something for your significant other, consider booking this pretty cool date plan: Manila Bay Cruise with Buffet Dinner. Picture this: you, your date, and the gorgeous view of Manila Bay. Low-key romantic nights can be hard to secure due to the sheer number of people around. But with this Manila Bay Cruise, you can literally escape the busy crowds for a while and just be along the calm waters of the city. The Manila Bay Cruise is an ideal way to live out your cruise liner fantasies, which you normally might not be able to afford. Going on a cruise is sort of a rare activity and it isn’t always accessible, but you can use this plan, even if it is only about 90 minutes long, as a welcomed change of pace. The Manila Bay Cruise with Dinner is recommended for anyone who wants to get away for the night on the weekend. It is a recommended alternative and break from your usual schedule and it allows you to experience something new and exciting. Even if you think you’ve seen and experienced much of what Metro Manila has to offer, the Manila Bay Cruise offers you a fresh perspective of the Manila Bay area. Stroll down the sea and feast your eyes on the serene waters and the highly sought-after sunset of the city. Get front row seats to the beauty of the skyline and the illuminated buildings along the way. No matter what the interests of your date, the ambiance and atmosphere of the cruise are truly romantic and will make way for a getaway to remember. The cruise begins at One Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Mall of Asia, Pasay City which is where you will be boarding the M/V Spirit of Manila. If you want a truly romantic ambiance, choose the earliest schedule possible on the weekend so you will get to witness the sunset towards the end of your cruise. You are treated to a fine dinner so you can dine with a stunning view of the bay area as your background. There is also live entertainment throughout the 90-minute cruise to keep the vibe enjoyable. This incredible offer is also not limited for couples or singles looking out to mingle. Friends and families can also avail of the cruise for a different way to enjoy the weekend without having to travel outside of the city. Romantic, fun, one of a kind, and memorable, the Manila Bay Cruise is something you should definitely consider for an experience to remember.

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One Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines