Quick Start
Most travelbook.ph hotels are available via instant confirmation. This means they can be booked immediately online. Just follow these steps.
Instant Confirmation Box
STEP 1: Search
  1. Look for hotels by typing a location or a hotel name in the search box and selecting a check-in date. Look for Hotels
  2. Filter your results by property name, room rates, payment type, star rating, room type, meal type, accommodation type, and hotel features (access and parking, amenities, facilities, and service and leisure). Filter Hotels Filter Hotels
  3. Sort your results by recommendation from travelbook.ph, star rating (highest to lowest, lowest to highest), price (highest to lowest, lowest to highest), or area. Sort your Results
  4. Click on the "Show Map" button to view all hotels in the area you're searching. View All Hotels View All Hotels
STEP 2: Select and Review
  1. Browse through your search results. Click on the hotel name, room type, or the "View Rooms" button to visit a hotel's listing and find out more about it. Show Hotel Listing
  2. Click on a photo or scroll left and right to browse through photos of a hotel. View Gallery
  3. Click on a room type for any hotel to learn more about it. Room Details
  4. Details include room capacity, bed type, room facilities, check-in and check-out times, available payment method, meal inclusion, and cancellation policy. Room Details
  5. Click on "Show Map" to check the hotel's location on the map. View Map View Map
  6. Click on the "Book Now" button any time to review your selected plan and see the price breakdown of your potential booking. Review Plan
STEP 3: Book
  1. You may book via call center or online. To book via call center, contact our Customer Service Hotline at (+632)5304-5555. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you in making your booking.
  2. You may book online as a guest or as a member. Just click "Book Now" on your chosen room type from a hotel's information page. You will proceed to the booking page. Log in if you're already a member or book as a guest. Enter the required information, select your payment method, and click “Proceed with Payment.”
  3. For hotels offering “Pay at Hotel” payment method, guests and members may book in advance and settle the total booking price directly at the hotel upon check-in. However, the booking process will only be completed once you have submitted your credit card details aside from other required information and by clicking the “Confirm Booking” button
  4. Some hotels may offer “Pay at Hotel | No Credit Card Needed” payment method which is exclusively available for travelbook.ph Members. It lets members pay at the hotel but does not require submission of credit card details. You may simply proceed with the transaction after making sure that all other details have been completely filled in. Booking Online Booking Online
  5. Check your e-mail for your reservation confirmation e-mail containing the same hotel booking details, cancellation guidelines, and additional payment instructions, particularly for the “Pay at Hotel” feature. Check Email
Some hotels cannot confirm bookings instantly. They may have a limited number of rooms or other special conditions. Travelbook.ph lets you send special reservation requests and coordinates with the hotel to confirm your booking. Here's how to make a special reservation:
Reservation Box
STEP 1: Choose a hotel.
Search for hotels as usual. Click on the hotel name, or the "View Rooms" button to visit a hotel's listing and find out more about it. Search a Hotel If a room is not available for instant confirmation, you will see a "Inquire Availability" button instead of a "Book Now" button. Reserve a Room
STEP 2: Reserve.
On the Reservation Request page, fill out the guest information and your check-in date. Include any special requests or details in the "Message" box. Click on the "Submit Reservation Request" button once you're done. Reservation Request
STEP 3: Wait for confirmation.
Our customer service representative will call you within 24 hours to finalize your reservation. We will send you a payment link and instructions.
STEP 4: Make your payment.
Click on the payment link and choose how to pay. You can pay using credit card, online bank deposit, or over-the-counter payment. Click the "Proceed with Payment" button and follow the payment instructions. Make your payment In case “Pay at Hotel” is available, you may book the room in advance and pay the total amount directly to the hotel upon check-in. Please note that credit card details are still required before you click the “Confirm Booking” button to complete the booking process.

Travelbook.ph members are allowed to book without the submission of credit card details only when the room is tagged as “Pay at Hotel | No Credit Card Needed.” The credit card information of non-members will still be required once they proceed with the booking unless they sign in as member. Make your payment
STEP 5: Complete your payment.
We will send you a booking confirmation e-mail when your payment is confirmed. Please note that over-the-counter payments require you to send payment confirmation before we can send your booking confirmation e-mail. As for “Pay at Hotel” transactions, you will immediately receive a booking confirmation e-mail which you must print and present to the hotel, together with your payment, upon checking-in.