2 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, ..., Baguio, Benguet (Show Map)
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  • G1 LODGE Flamingo Room

    Flamingo Room

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    Butterfly Room

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    Panda Room

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    Fox Room

  • G1 LODGE Lobby


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  • G1 LODGE Lobby


  • G1 LODGE Toilet and Bath

    Toilet and Bath

  • G1 LODGE Toilet and Bath

    Toilet and Bath

  • G1 LODGE Toilet and Bath

    Toilet and Bath

  • G1 LODGE Toilet and Bath

    Toilet and Bath

  • G1 LODGE Cafe


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About G1 LODGE

Located at a prominent location at the top of Session Road, at the heart of Baguio City’s central business district, on a small 200 m² lot,  the building is shaped to maximize daylight and natural ventilation, slowly tapering into light wells on the northern side.

The interior of the hotel was designed with the idea of modernizing Cordillera architecture and interiors, deviating from literal translations of past forms and patterns just what has been generally practiced in the past. The execution of this idea led to the abstraction of indigenous forms with the use of local construction and artisan techniques and materials.

Room Amenities:
* Hot and cold shower
*Smart TV ( 32" to  43")
*Centralized Air Conditioning per floor
*Wireless internet  access
*Safety deposit box
*Hair dryer
*Complimentary breakfast for 2

G1Lodge also accepts group reservations, small corporate meetings, functions and special events.

Details about G1 LODGE


2 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, ..., Baguio, Benguet (Show Map)


Baguio City is 5-6hours away from Manila. Guests may ride the taxi to G1 Lodge.

Restaurant Information


G1 Lodge

Nearby/Around the area:

Patch Cafe, SM Baguio City

Features of G1 LODGE

Surcharges may apply

Room Facilities

  •  Toilet and bath
  •  Hot / Cold Shower
  •  Toilet shower / bidet
  •  View
  •  Shower
  •  Air conditioner

Room Amenities

  •  TV
  •  Towels
  •  WiFi internet
  •  Toiletries
  •  Toothbrush and toothpaste
  •  Safety deposit box
  •  Hair dryer
  •  Razor / shaver

Hotel Facilities

  •  Free WiFi in Public Areas
  •  Gym and sports facilities
  •  Smoking area
  •  Non-Smoking Rooms
  •  Restaurant
  •  Generator


  •  Morning call
  •  Room service
  •  Cleaning service

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Reviews of G1 LODGE

100% Authentic Reviews
Review Score
  • Price 4.1
  • Cleanliness 4.6
  • Location 4.9
  • Facilities 4.1
  • Food 3.7
  • Service 4.1

Based on 14 reviews

"G1 Lodge would exceed your expectations."

 January 8, 2019
 MIA (F, 20 - 24, Solo)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 5
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 5
  • Food 5
  • Service 5

Everyone at the hotel is very accommodating. They made me feel welcome. You would truly see how passionate and dedicated their staffs' are. Highly recommended for everyone.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Great Interior Design, Good Service, and Value for money. Room: Flamingo Room (With Breakfast) - Flamingo Room Stay Date: 12/31/2018 to 01/01/2019

"A Case of Food Poisoning and Other Bad Experiences at G1 Lodge"

 December 27, 2018
 Sandra Nadine Mercado (F, 30 - 34, Family)
  • Price 1
  • Cleanliness 2
  • Location 4
  • Facilities 1
  • Food 1
  • Service 1

My brother suffered from food poisoning after eating spoiled food that was served during G1's "Special Noche Buena Buffet." We had to rush him to the hospital ER on Christmas morning because of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, weakness, and nausea. We spent the rest of our Baguio holiday inside our room since we had to take care of my brother who was too weak to get up. Apart from spoiled rice, G1's "Special Noche Buena Buffet" consisted of two kinds of pancit, cold bbq, lumpiang shanghai, bland soup, chicken relleno, lechon, salty ham, stale pandesal (which were clearly from the breakfast buffet earlier that morning), an awkward assortment of kakanin, weird gelatin salad, and super sweet sago't gulaman that none of us can drink even after trying to dilute it with ice and water. Guests were expected to pay P799 per head for that. The food was average at best, none of us even dared to go for seconds. It felt like we were eating at a kapitbahay's wake. They also set up a projector and played Home Alone 2 during dinner. How are the guests supposed to enjoy noche buena and talk amongst themselves when they were being distracted by a loud movie playing in the background? Stupid idea. We noticed that something smelled of spoilage. We thought it was the chicken relleno at first but then confirmed that it was indeed the rice that had gone bad but my brother had already eaten some of it. We alerted the operations manager about it but she insisted that it was "freshly cooked" so it's impossible that it was spoiled. We told her that if anything happens to my brother, we would contact her right away to which she replied with a confident "Sure!" I think she felt like we were just being over dramatic. After admitting that we were just fooling ourselves with this "noche buena," we decided to leave but not without talking to the staff about how disappointed we were about dinner. My mom got to talk to one of the staff about how bad we felt about it and her reply to my mother was (not verbatim), "Hindi nyo ba alam na Filipino food ang sineserve namin dito? Yung ang nakaadvertise. If you didn't like the food, you are entitled to your own opinion." WOW. How can someone from the staff say that to a guest?! Bastos. Una sa lahat, no, the type of food was not advertised anywhere. If we knew that we were going to be served cold, sad, and spoiled merienda food, we wouldn't have excitedly reserved slots for that dinner buffet. My goodness. Apparently, she's the head chef at the G1 Lodge restaurant. The operations manager also kept on ignoring us after that. She even lied about being in contact with the GM just to get rid of us already. I somehow found the GM on FB and left a comment on his post to get his attention. He immediately replied to ask about the incident but at that time, we were already at the ER. They waived the buffet costs and offered to help on the hospital bills but our Christmas has already been ruined. Wish I could write more, I still have a lot to say!

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Location, Staff, Cleanliness Room: Flamingo Room (With Breakfast) - Flamingo Room Stay Date: 12/23/2018 to 12/26/2018

"Disappointing stay at G1 Lodge"

 December 27, 2018
 Leny Mercado (F, 40 - 44, Family)
  • Price 1
  • Cleanliness 3
  • Location 4
  • Facilities 1
  • Food 1
  • Service 1

We were not informed that the room we booked was designed for PWDs. It was not included as a detail on their TravelBook.ph listing, nor was we informed upon check in that we were getting a PWD room. In fact, the receptionist even tried to hide it from us! I just found out about it when one of the housekeeping staff told me that the reason why everything is being very inconvenient is because the room is designed for PWDs. We tried several times every day to ask to be moved to another room but our requests were ignored, even when there were clearly other rooms available. There wasn't a shower curtain when we arrived, we had to request for it several times also. There wasn't a partition from the toilet area and shower area in the bathroom so that every time someone takes a shower, the water would get everywhere. The peephole, light switches, and the aircon control were also designed for PWDs so they were placed low on the walls. It was a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE stay.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Location, Staff, Cleanliness Room: Fox Room (With Breakfast) - Fox Room Stay Date: 12/23/2018 to 12/26/2018

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