Guimaras Resorts and Hotels with Shuttle

Apr 13 2020 to Apr 14 2020 1 room(s)  2 adult(s)
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Talisay, Guimaras Island, ... , Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (Show Map)
Jannah Glycel Beach House offers you a stay that is so memorable and affordable within your budget. Experience the tranquillity and calm while enjoying the luxury of time. Your privacy is so much respected and assured. It is your home by the beach th... (Show More)
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Hoskyn, Jordan (Show Map)
Guimaras Mountain Biker's Hub is a great place to unwind and breath fresh air with nature at its best. More than just an accommodation, it offers bike rentals, land tours, water activities, etc. The host family is very accommodating.
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