3rd Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Cebu (Show Map)
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  • Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu Standard Room

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  • Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu Standard Room

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  • Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu Deluxe Room

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About Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu

Even with its glitz and glamor, Cebu City can be considered an underrated destination in the Philippines. While many tourists tend to compare it to the traditional of Cebu or the larger concrete jungles in Metro Manila itself, what many forget is that the city is a symbol of what the province has successfully become—a prosperous region that provides opportunities to many people. Cebu City is a sprawling, modern cultural destination that has preserved so much of its ancient landmarks even with its rapid growth. Sure, it may have its share of heavy traffic and its skyline has become a carbon copy of its counterparts in the north, but its significance as Cebu’s leading city is just getting started with what it can offer to the rest of the world.

Even with its critics, Cebu City will never run out of tourists. Aside from its short distance from the airport, there are simply many spots that shouldn’t be missed while there. In fact, visitors will not run out of options for accommodations when in the city. One of the go-to hotels in the area is Hotel Pier Cuatro.

Budget-friendly and quality offerings

Hotel Pier Cuatro is proud to declare itself as Cebu’s budget hotel. When it comes to accommodations, it is undoubtedly one of the most affordable that you will find in Cebu City. It is ideal for shoestring travelers and backpackers who are looking for a place to stay that won’t burn a hole in their pocket. But even with its friendly deals, you can still expect quality with what you will avail of.

The rooms at Hotel Pier Cuatro are clean and will provide you with comfortable private space. Its most affordable offering is the Standard Room and if you think that it can only accommodate one person, think again. It has two single beds, which is ideal for travel buddies. It has its own bathroom with toilet, hot and cold shower, and a sink. Even a basic room such as this has some thoughtful additions like a TV with cable channels, table, chair, and a telephone. Do not worry about Cebu’s scorching heat as the room is equipped with an air conditioner.

The next offering is the Deluxe Room, and it is an upgrade of the Standard Room. It has the basic amenities like the TV, tables and chairs, telephone, private bathroom, and more. The only difference is the queen size bed with the single bed, which can accommodate three people. Finally, their Superior or Suite room has all of the amenities in addition to its two queen-size beds. This accommodation is recommended for a whole family or a barkada of four. What’s nice about Hotel Pieer Cuatro is it has also included buffet breakfast meals with all of its rooms. For a budget hotel, its deals are already considered a steal.

Speaking of meals, hungry diners can always order in Hotel Pier Cuatro’s in-house restaurant. Café Quattro is a charming and hip establishment that provides a feast for the eyes in addition to the palate. It has some colorful paintings on the walls that emits a hip vibe for diners. Below the artworks are shelves of books that you can read if you want to lounge in the restaurant. You can order a cup of coffee and snacks to chill the day away. Their full course meals, however, will not disappoint. Their menu will satisfy huge appetites, with ala carte orders ranging from rice toppings to sizzling meals to seafood and meat platters that you can share with your family or friends.

A budget hotel with more to offer

Hotel Pier Cuatro may consider itself a budget hotel, that may be hard to believe considering the additions that they have for guests. Their facilities are quite surprising since you only would typically find then in larger hotels and events places. At their second floor is their Seminar Room that can accommodate 80 people. This function area is ideal for corporate events like seminars, lectures, private meetings, and workshops. For bigger space, the Social Hall is large enough for 160 people. Organizers of events such as wedding receptions, debuts, Christmas parties, product launches, and many more are very much welcome to inquire about using these rooms.

Finally, Cebu City may be popular as a party city especially during Sinulog Festival, and that appears to be reflected in Hotel Pier Cuatro’s very own Mezzanine Music Lounge. This music bar is recommended for party animals who want to sing like a diva or a Rockstar. Enjoy affordable drinks and snacks while listening and singing to their cool selection of songs.

Hotel Pier Cuatro is definitely your top choice when it comes to budget hotels in Cebu City. When you book a room, you’d be amazed with how you’d instantly feel that you’re already getting your money’s worth.

Details about Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu


3rd Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Cebu (Show Map)


Hotel is located near Cebu City's bustling port area and a stone throw away from SM City Cebu.

Directions & Landmarks

From SM City Cebu, ride the 12I jeepney going to Labangon and then get down to pier four. The hotel is approximately 5 minutes walk from pier four.

Features of Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu

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Room Facilities

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  •  Hot / Cold Shower
  •  View
  •  Shower
  •  Air conditioner

Room Amenities

  •  TV
  •  Towels
  •  WiFi internet
  •  Toiletries
  •  Hair dryer

Hotel Facilities

  •  Free WiFi in Public Areas
  •  Banquet facilities
  •  Handicapped-friendly facilities
  •  Smoking area
  •  Non-Smoking Rooms
  •  Restaurant
  •  Generator
  •  Coffee shop


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  •  Cleaning service
  •  Laundry / dry cleaning service

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Reviews of Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu

"Great Stay!"

 December 29, 2018
 Jez (F, 25 - 29, Family)
  • Price 4
  • Cleanliness 5
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 3
  • Food 5
  • Service 5

It has a good location which is near to Robinsons Galleria and sm city. The breakfast buffet has a lot of food choices. The food in the menu is cheaper compared to othet restaurants. Staffs are very accommodating and you can check in as early as 9am.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Location,Food,Early Check in Room: Deluxe - PAY AT HOTEL - Deluxe Stay Date: 12/18/2018 to 12/22/2018

"Satisfying stay"

 December 14, 2018
 Tin (F, 30 - 34, Couple)
  • Price 4
  • Cleanliness 3
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 3
  • Food 4
  • Service 3

Hotel is very accessible to malls; it's less than 5 mins. Walk to ride a PUJ and roam around the city. Free breakfast is good. Customer service is good. Cleanliness of the room is ok.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Very accessible to malls, good food, good service Room: Standard - Standard Stay Date: 12/12/2018 to 12/14/2018

"Stay at Hotel Pier Cuatro"

 August 28, 2018
 Gee (F, 20 - 24, Couple)
  • Price 3
  • Cleanliness 3
  • Location 4
  • Facilities 2
  • Food 4
  • Service 1

The hotel is okay, it is a walking distance to Robinsons Galleria and 7-eleven. Though most of the time you will be riding a taxi because no jeepneys can pass by the roads along the hotel.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Friendly Staff, Accesible place, wifi access Room: Standard - PAY AT HOTEL - Standard Stay Date: 08/25/2018 to 08/27/2018

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