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Review Score
  • Price 4
  • Cleanliness 3.6
  • Location 4.4
  • Facilities 3.5
  • Food 3.1
  • Service 3.5

Based on 22 reviews

"Suffocating, disappointing, frightening"

 January 2, 2020
 Eugene (M, 35 - 39, Family)
  • Price 2
  • Cleanliness 1
  • Location 3
  • Facilities 1
  • Service 1

I, with my pregnant wife and toddler, booked for an executive room (Japanese-theme at room 104) in Sogo Hotel, Mexico, for 24 hours as an escape during the New Year's Eve. If the price tag in the room is akin to a run-of-the-mill motels, you can never hear any complaint from us. But for a hotel that claims to offer an executive room, it should live up to its promises; unfortunately, not in my family's experience. Let me break down the reasons: 1. Cleanliness - You can easily deduce that the previous occupant smoked cigarette. You can still smell the third-hand smoke up from the ceiling to the bed. It's suffocating to breath at first especially for me who has sensitive nose. 2. Aircon - Sleeping was hard as the noise of the aircon is like a nearby jackhammer, or a motorboat's engine. We were forced to turn it to fan just to silence it at the expense of sweating up. 3. Light - There was no light at the dining area and I called for an assistance twice. No one came to fix the bulb. 4. Security - We left the room to have a dinner and we asked for the concierge to lock the room (we were not given a spare key, that is their policy). However, the concierge was adamant to lock our room and claimed that it was safe even if we left our room open. I insisted on locking our room before leaving and the concierge showed unwillingness to do what I requested. - The security guard looks frightening. We're not on to discrimination but you'll understand us if you were in the actual scene. Imagine a silhouette from a bit far. Then up close, he suddenly cut and blocked you and see an image of a drunk man wearing a guard's uniform. Coupled with this, he asked us in an interrogative tone if we were going to leave and asked our hotel room's number. I understand that inquiring is part of his work but at least he should pepper it with a smile or courteous tone. However, his approach caused us to be cynical in giving information especially with the premise that the concierge is unwilling to lock our room. I was about to put out my cellphone to record his hoodlum-like gesture but he suddenly stopped asking us and just radioed the concierge. 5. WiFi - Imagine a crippled turtle that is forced to run. That's how slow the hotel's WiFi in the room is. 6. TV - You cannot find lots of channels to watch on. Thankfully, we brought our own movies. The only thing that we enjoyed above all in the room is its spacious toilet and bathtub as my toddler enjoyed swimming while bathing. But generally, as a family-friendly hotel, you cannot expect it to be "so clean, so good". You have been warned.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Toilet, bathtub, spacious room Room: Executive Room - Executive Garage Room Stay Date: 12/31/2019 to 01/01/2020

"overnight stay"

 August 12, 2018
 mike (M, 25 - 29, Couple)
  • Price 4
  • Cleanliness 4
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 3
  • Service 3

Okay naman kasi ngpunta lng kmi sa SM Skyranch and spent a night dito since tapat lng sya ng SM. Nag request ako ng extra sheet ang tagal bago bnigay. Okay lang ung room pero ung TV ang labo ng channels na matitino pero ang linaw pag ung rated SPG.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: price, location, staff Room: Premium Room - Premium Room Stay Date: 05/27/2018 to 05/28/2018

"Satisfied Costumer"

 March 18, 2018
 Tiffy (F, 20 - 24, Couple)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 5
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 5
  • Food 4
  • Service 5

Satisfied Customer! Best application for booking and searching for a hotel. Thank you, TravelBook. It was a great experience ever!

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Price, Environment, Good Staff Room: Premium Room - Premium Room Stay Date: 03/17/2018 to 03/18/2018


 January 4, 2018
 Mae (F, 20 - 24, Couple)
  • Price 3
  • Cleanliness 3
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 4
  • Food 3
  • Service 1

The room was okay. The food and drinks was extra! We felt home while staying tho the aircon has to improve! But. The staff service is so annoying! They lack cooperation and quick action they don't even know details about our stay, we ordered a food that came After 2 freaking hours! The staff are the worst!

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: It is near malls, Spicy Sisig, easy booking Room: Premium Room - Premium Room Stay Date: 12/29/2017 to 12/31/2017

"its a literal 24hours to Stay. nice one"

 December 30, 2017
 echo (M, 35 - 39, Solo)
  • Price 4
  • Cleanliness 5
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 4
  • Service 4

One of my top hotel as of now, aside from cheap, it's clean and very convenient to sleep on. the 24 hours check in is really exact, if you check in at 2pm you will check out at 2PM also not 12pm.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: clean, perfect location, discreet Room: Premium Room - Premium Room Stay Date: to

"Satisfied staying in hotel sogo"

 November 20, 2017
 Merjorie (F, 20 - 24, Couple)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 5
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 5
  • Service 5

They have good customer service, all the sfatt members are very polite. They will greet you all the time.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Good service, very polite staff, strong wifi, affordable price Room: Premium Room - Non refundable - Premium Room Stay Date: 11/18/2017 to 11/19/2017