Reviews of Isabelle Garden Hotel Paranaque

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Review Score
  • Price 3.8
  • Cleanliness 3.5
  • Location 3.8
  • Facilities 2.8
  • Food 3.2
  • Service 3.9

Based on 24 reviews

"Unsatisfied stay!!!"

 July 2, 2018
 Che (F, 20 - 24, Couple)
  • Price 1
  • Cleanliness 2
  • Location 2
  • Facilities 1
  • Food 1
  • Service 1

Okay na sana yung room newly renovated pero yung receptionist nilang babaeng matanda na eh ubod ng bastos! Hindi kami na inform sa oras ng breakfast so lumagpas kami ang katwiran nila samin is lagi naman daw kami ngstay dun. Ilang buwan na since last kami nagstay and malay ko ba kung may bago silang rules. So tinawagan nya yung ng asikaso sa boyfriend ko pag check in and sinsabe nya di daw nainform tong 815(which is kami) ng oras ng breakfast and narinig ko sinagot niya ewan nakalimutan na daw i assume na sinabe ng kausap nila na lagi naman kami nagstay dun. Pasigaw syang kumakausap dun sa kausap nya sa phone pinaparinig pa samin tama ba naman yun? Napaka walang modo!

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: None sobrang pangit ng ugali ng receptionist, malinis naman, newly renovated Room: Standard Room (With Breakfast) - Standard Room Stay Date: 06/30/2018 to 07/01/2018

"Worst customer service, Misleading price"

 April 16, 2018
 Drew (M, 30 - 34, Couple)
  • Price 1
  • Cleanliness 1
  • Location 1
  • Facilities 1
  • Food 1
  • Service 1

First, this is my first time ever in my history of using travelbook that the hotel said the amount didn’t include VAT. It was already included in the breakdown as it was shown in the app. Second, this cook guy is rude, he should not be communicating with people because clearly he has attitude. We went inside the restaurant, there was a crew there but this cook guy asked, “what room sir?”. “Room 510” I said. And then he said “You don’t have free breakfast” straight to my face. I was like, really? It’s clearly stated in my booking info that it includes breakfast. This other crew ask the receptionist and found out that we have free breakfast after all (of course!). No apologies or anything related to “apology”. Just nothing. Oh by the way not to mention, we were not able to claim our free breakfast the other day because they have a cut off (9am). How am I supposed to know that? Same thing, that cook guy said to us when we asked for it, “We don’t have breakfast past 9am” with attitude. Oh by the way, earlier that day (around 8am) I called the receptionist about ordering breakfast over the phone and have it delivered to our room, receptionist said, we don’t deliver it, only for dine in. Funny because other food order can be delivered to our room except for breakfast for some unknown reason. This receptionist didn’t even inform me that the cut off time for breakfast is 9am. So we were not able to claim our free breakfast on our first day. In fairness to all facilities, it’s all nice and working but just 1 bad customer service experience can ruin it all (well in my case multiple experience). So I’m giving this hotel a 1 star.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Location, Nothing, N/A Room: Standard Room (With Breakfast) - Standard Room Stay Date: to

"Condo Style , your home away from home"

 December 1, 2017
 Jack (F, 35 - 39, Business)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 5
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 5
  • Food 5
  • Service 5

Clean, quiet, you get more than what you paid for. Plus free breakfast. A condo unit for a price of a room.. Definitely will come back .

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Value For Money, Location, Service Room: Standard Room (With Breakfast) - Standard Room Stay Date: 11/29/2017 to 11/30/2017

"Average accommodation"

 November 20, 2017
 grace (F, 20 - 24, Group)
  • Price 3
  • Cleanliness 1
  • Location 3
  • Facilities 3
  • Food 2
  • Service 2

Good for a backpacker. The loft room is not good. Binaba na lang namin yung mattress kasi ang liit ng aircon, ang unit dun sa higaan.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Value for money, kind guards, location Room: Suite with Loft (With Breakfast) - Loft Stay Date: to

"good customer service"

 October 26, 2017
 melbourne (F, 30 - 34, Solo)
  • Price 3
  • Cleanliness 3
  • Location 4
  • Facilities 3
  • Food 3
  • Service 4

I always stay at this hotel whenever I am in Manila. It is near Baclaran Church and SM Bicutan. The hotel is clean and comfortable. Taxis are not always available but a helpful staff and receptionist will book a Grab car for you if requested.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: close to the airport (T1 & T2), free shuttle pick up from the airport, free breakfast Room: Standard Room (With Breakfast) - Standard Room Stay Date: 10/03/2017 to 10/04/2017

"Very lovely people"

 September 9, 2017
 VBC (F, 25 - 29, Couple)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 4
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 3
  • Service 5

We will keep coming back to this place. Very reasonably priced and the staff is always so lovely.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Polite staff, value for money, accessible Room: Standard Room Only - Standard Room Stay Date: 09/01/2017 to 09/02/2017