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Review Score
  • Price 3.5
  • Cleanliness 2.6
  • Location 3.1
  • Facilities 2.5
  • Food 2
  • Service 3.1

Based on 22 reviews

"Not so Satisfied"

 March 21, 2019
 Jeanne (F, 25 - 29, Couple)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 3
  • Location 4
  • Facilities 4
  • Service 3

I just don't like the towel mukhang basahan. At yung Kama may plastic pa ng condom hindi masyadong nalinis before kami dumating.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Not Good Service, Weak Wifi Signal, Very Approacheble Workers Room: Fan Room With Common Bathroom - Fan Room With Common Bathroom Stay Date: 03/16/2019 to 03/17/2019

"The worst accomodation"

 January 3, 2019
 Vicky (F, 30 - 34, Family)
  • Price 1
  • Cleanliness 1
  • Location 1
  • Facilities 1
  • Service 1

Hi, We stayed there for two nights. We did not cancel anything, we had to leave. Cancellation is probably made by the "hostel". This place, Jomckyle apartelle is the worst kind I've ever seen, the dirtiest, scariest and most surreal experience I've ever had in regards to accommodations. I prefer expensive places sure, but I've also stayed in cheaper accommodations all over the world and never experienced anything like this out of the 18 years I have been travelling the globe. We spent the two nights getting bit by mosquitos, all kinds of bed bugs, smelly sheets and a sewer like smell in both the bedroom and the bathroom. The fan in the room was not in any way helping and there was no ventilation of any kind in that box like sleeping room. The wood panels in the room were basically rotten and had holes allowing creeps to come inside. I know we payed a bit over 400 pesos so I thought I would try to endure it since we were only staying for three nights. We did everything we could to keep the smell away and stay there as less as possible. But we had the surprise of our lives (me and my daughter) waking up at 3 in the morning and there were swarm of insects flying around the room and creeps crawling on the floor. I promptly ask the lady in the booth to help us, she got some spray, sprayed the room and left. We could not sleep more that night and spent the rest of the morning cleaning our things from dead insects we managed to catch with newspaper and packing our bags. The lady made a nonsense comment saying it must be the rain that drove the insects there? I mean..I'm in awe. But this is only part of it. I was so stressed and angry the day after as I barely slept on new years eve after our insect hunt and had a very terrified daughter. I asked them to refund our last night we already payed for so we could get another place. They said they had a no refund policy. So we left with our things like homeless beggars, payed double for that day and bothered by this really shitty experience. I am not about to let them get away with this. I will tell every backpacker and traveller I know (as I work as a travel guide) about this experience because no one deserves to be treated this way just so they can make some small money. They gave us the old rotten house and not the house in the picture. the rooms are NOTHING like the pictures and it gets worse when you finally see the place. The people living upstairs (permanent tenants I'm guessing) were using hammer and all kinds of tools all night and early morning. The people working there just pretended we did not exist. And whenever I asked for new sheets the next day they told me I had to pay 150 pesos. I don't believe it's my fault that the sheets that was there was smelly and stained upon arrival.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: This,place,should not be allowed guests Room: Fan Room With Common Bathroom - Fan Room With Common Bathroom Stay Date: 12/31/2018 to 01/01/2019

"nice accom at jomckayl"

 January 21, 2018
 wally (M, 40 - 44, Group)
  • Price 4
  • Cleanliness 4
  • Location 4
  • Facilities 4
  • Service 4

We were a group of 8 from Davao city to attend an Agri summit in Naga. We had a comfortable stay and d location was great because it was near Jollibee and SM Naga, just one ride of d tricycle. We had also used d refrigerator and a stove. Thanks Jomckayl Apartelle. Hope we can be back soon.

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: value for money, location, cleanliness Room: 3 Bedrooms Apartelle * - Fully Furnished Apartelle Stay Date: to

"very affordable!!"

 November 10, 2017
 Roly (M, 30 - 34, Business)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 4
  • Location 4
  • Facilities 3
  • Service 4

The room is just good considering that it's very affordable. Unfortunately there's water interruption every morning. Thumbs up for the staff, they are very accommodating. Definitely will come back!

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Cheap, Accommodating Staff, accessible Room: Aircon Room - Aircon Room Stay Date: 10/29/2017 to 11/03/2017

"Poor Service from an Apartelle"

 October 10, 2017
 Jake (M, 25 - 29, Solo)
  • Price 2
  • Cleanliness 1
  • Location 1
  • Facilities 1
  • Service 1

This is by far the worst apartelle I've tried (no joke). If there's one thing I like about Jomckayl, only because it's the cheapest in Naga. I stayed in a fan room with shared bathroom, and I have no problem with that because what do you expect for a PHP 400 roo?. However, just because it's cheap doesn't necessarily mean it has good value-for-money. For example, my bath towel was very old that it has huge holes in it. I requested for it to be changed but they didn't oblige since I've already opened the thin plastic wrap from which it was covered (How would I even notice the holes if I didn't open it right?). Second, cockroaches all over! Seriously? I understand this is a budget room, but that won't justify the abundance of pests, at least you could've sprayed the room? Third, the shower and toilet were a big NO. Were they small? Yes, but I'm fine with that. Was there consistent supply of water? Yes, and I have no problem with the water supply too. Were the toilet equipment outdated? Yes, but that doesn't worry me as well. My biggest issue with the toilet was that it was extremely dirty. Like no one was cleaning it at all. Also, the shower room didn't have at least a hook where I could hang my towel, not even a nail. Where do you expect me to place my clothes/towel, on the floor? Also, there is no handle for toiletries as well. So everytime I take a bath, I put my soap, shampoo, toothbrush (ugh!) on the floor since I can't put it somewhere. You see, these are simple things that must be provided regardless if it's a budget room or not. So I will never suggest this room. Let's make it clear, only this room. I haven't tried their airconditioned rooms so I can't judge those. At least for this type of room, P LEASE, do not even bother. Just to make a comparison, there is a high-end hostel in Taipei (see HeyBear Capsule Hotel) where you get a shared room, shared bathroom for only Php500 (at times prices go as low as PHP 400). But in terms of amenities and convenience, it is a million miles better. #NeverAgain #DoNotBeFooled

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Price, Nothing else, Nothing further Room: Fan Room With Common Bathroom * - Fan Room With Common Bathroom Stay Date: 10/01/2017 to 10/03/2017

"So far, so good!"

 October 6, 2017
 Chris (F, 25 - 29, Group)
  • Price 5
  • Cleanliness 5
  • Location 5
  • Facilities 5
  • Service 5

I booked a room around 10:30 pm. I am in Cavite and my husband is looking for a place to stay in Naga for their first night. He was assigned in Bicol due to work-related issues. I was pleased that I booked 10:30 pm and the update is really really fast. My husband arrived around 11pm and they were accomodated accordingly. So far, we're really happy with their service. Affordable place to stay in the heart of Naga. Will surely book again once I'm already packed to join them in Bicol. Cheers!

3 Things You Love about This Hotel: Value of Money, Free Wifi, Service Room: Deluxe Matrimonial - Deluxe Matrimonial Stay Date: 10/05/2017 to 10/06/2017