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P8-01 10th 3rd St. Barangay 183, Villamor, Pasay City (Show Map)
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525 Edsa, Pasay City, Pasay (Show Map)
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Salem Complex, Domestic Road, Pasay Airport Area, Pasay (Show Map)
Perfect for travelers who have just gotten off from a long and tiring flight, Domestic Guesthouse offers convenient accommodations where you can relax and rest.

Domestic Guesthouse is located along the Domestic Road in Pasay City, just right across ...
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Tips on Getting Cheaper Bookings

Tourists, both local and international, go in and out of Metro Manila at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is in the heart of the city of Pasay. Because of this, you can expect a wide range of hotels and other types of accommodations in the city, especially the more affordable ones. But even with their low rates, there are still so many ways that will make you save more money.

For starters, offers discounted rates on the low prices that have been set by the hotels. Just visit, choose the selection for cheap hotels in Pasay and you’ll see the site’s recommended accommodations and their discounted room rates. They are guaranteed to be the lowest compared with other hotel booking websites as part of’s desire to have their customers enjoy affordable travels and vacations.

But before you book, make sure to try it with the mobile app first for even bigger discounts. Prices are guaranteed to be even lower with the app in order to cater to the growing number of mobile users in the Philippines. After every booking, you will also receive reward points, which you can use in the future to further decrease the price of your chosen rooms.

While there is no peak season for hotels in Pasay and the rest of Metro Manila, some of them may have weekend rates. Try to schedule your stay on a weekday in order to enjoy lower room prices.

Recommended Hotels in Pasay with Cheap Rates

The prices of cheap hotels in Pasay typically range from around PHP 600.00 to around PHP 1,000.00 per stay. They are excellent choices if you’re looking for a place to spend the night while waiting for your next flight or if you want easy access to the airport. Some of the recommended hotels are AAM Transient and Guest House, Stone House Pasay, Halina Hotel Libertad, and Mahal Kita Drive Inn and Restaurant. There are also a couple of hotels from Sogo all over the city that offer very affordable rates.

Affordable Activities in Pasay

Even with numerous luxurious establishments in Pasay like world class resort casinos and glitzy shopping malls, visitors traveling on a budget don’t have to be intimidated as the city caters to everyone. The Cultural Center of the Philippines is not only one of the most historic attractions in Pasay, but also a recommended place for some affordable entertainment. Every year, the CCP serves as the venue for concerts, plays, cultural shows, and art exhibits. Tickets are often priced from PHP 300.00 to PHP 500.00 at its lowest rate. Some events, especially the art exhibits, have no entrance fees. Feel free to check out the CCP’s website for their list of events or drop by at the venue and inquire about ticket prices and schedule of shows.

It’s likely that every child or young adult living in Pasay City has spent a day or two in Star City, the city’s premiere amusement park. Home to more than 30 rides and attractions, Star City was opened in 1991 and has been a favorite destination for families all over Metro Manila and the nearby provinces. It has the standard attractions in theme parks like bumper cars, roller coasters, a towering Ferris wheel, a grand carousel, and carnival games. There are also several features for adults, especially those who want to take things to the extreme like pendulum rides, specialized roller coasters, and a drop tower. Tickets at Star City have different prices, depending on your requirements. They range from PHP 70.00 to PHP 450.00.

Twice every year, the skyline of Pasay City becomes bright with colorful fireworks displays because of the New Year’s Day celebrations and, of course, the annual Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. Participants from all over the world come to the city to put on incredible shows that showcase amazing fireworks exhibitions amidst the scenic backdrop of Manila Bay. A performance is held every Saturday, and a ticket per show is as low as PHP 100.00. Of course, you can also choose to just sit back outside of the venue and feast your eyes on the fireworks display for free.

Affordable Shopping in Pasay

One of the biggest malls in the country, SM Mall of Asia is a vibrant spot in Pasay City. Even with its glamorous appearance, it doesn’t run out of budget-conscious shoppers because the wide selection of affordable and quality items for sale. You can browse for the more affordable finds at SM Department Store like clothes, shoes, accessories, homeware, and many more. Both weekday and weekend sales are also frequent at SM Mall of Asia.

But way before Pasay has become a highly urbanized commercial center, the city is already known as a haven for shoppers—thanks to Cartimar. It was opened in 1956 and has become the go-to place for the latest fashion trends, hard-to-find items, and various imported goods. Today, this beloved shopping center dozens of stalls where you can snag great deals on shoes, pets and pet accessories, plants, market goods, bicycles, and many more.

Affordable Dining in Pasay

There are not too many restaurants in Pasay that stand out because of their affordable choices. If you’re on a budget, you may want to stick to fast food joints or some of the restaurants in malls or commercial areas. But if you will be dining as a group, you may want to give dampa a try.

Seaside Macapagal is situated along Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay and has become famous for the dampa style of dining where you buy fresh seafood in its wet market and have it cooked in any of the restaurants around. Mussels are sold at around PHP 100.00, while half a kilo of shrimps are about PHP 200.00. You can have your seafood cooked in a spicy sauce, with butter and garlic, or grilled. The cooking fees of restaurants range from PHP 50.00 to more than PHP 250.00, depending on the amount of seafood.