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Dagdag, Sagada (Show Map)
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Danonoy, Sagada (Show Map)
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Pattay, ... , Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Sagada Guest House started only as a simple 3-room homestay  that accepted mostly  Europeans, Germans and Swiss tourist back at 1950's. Thirty years later since they've built their main building , The Sagada Guesthouse is still opening their doors an... (Show More)
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Poblacion, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Savor the cool mountain air of Sagada right from your accommodation at Davey's Inn.

Located in Barangay Poblacion, Davey's Inn lets you experience the simple pleasures of highlands living while enjoying access to modern comforts including WiFi inter...
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Sitio Dogo, Poblacion, Bangaan Road, Sagada, 0, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Get away from all the stresses and worries tied to city living and head to the Mountain Province for a memorable vacation in one of its cozy and homey hotels.

The long and winding road to Sagada takes a toll on travelers so having a comfortable plac...
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Mampukong, Balugan, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
All rooms have private bathrooms with hot and cold water. Also have a verranda with a picturesque view of Sagada's Forest. Located far from the hustle and bustle of Sagada Town 3km away. The hotel also have a restaurant for its guest serving basic br... (Show More)
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Mabbay, Patay, Staunton Road, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
If your daily tasks are burning you out, it's time to pack your backs and go on a relaxing vacation.

Let the marvelous sights of Sagada provide you with the inspiration you need to keep going. Located along Staunton Road in Patay, you will discov...
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Poblacion, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Spend a vacation to remember in the midst of this enchanting town called Sagada in the Mountain Province. While you're at it, make sure to check in at Isabelo's Inn and Cafe where comfort comes at pocket-friendly prices.

Featuring simple yet practic...
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Dagdag, ... , Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Salt and Pepper Diner isn't very easy to spot , there is a small signage in front of the diner. The place is located above the Salt and Pepper souvenir store beside the office of Sagada Genuine Guides Association. The hotel offers comfortable and bud... (Show More)
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Makingking, Demang, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Blessed with a captivating natural splendor, Sagada is the perfect place to clear your mind and heart off of your worries, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life in the metro, and to be one with nature.

Shamrock Tavern Inn is your home awa...
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Atey, Dao-angan, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Leave behind the stressful life in the urban jungle, and let the chirping of the birds  and the fresh cold mountain air take you away in an extraordinary vacation at Kanip-aw Pines Lodge.

Located in Atey, in Sagada Mountain Province, Kanip-aw Pine...
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Mountain Province Rd., ... , Bontoc, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Samoki Valley Inn and Restaurant offers free wifi zone at the lobby, terrace and function hall.Provides towel, tissue and slippers. We have secured rooms for the guest with wide parking area and friendly staff who are ready to accommodate the guest.
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Nangonogan Road, ... , Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
A-Seven House is conveniently waiting upon entry to Sagada, we provide safe parking space and we are near tourist areas like Bokong Falls, Kiltepan Sunrise View Deck.Our facilities have outside bonfire area and bahay kubo.
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Dagdag, Pobalcion, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Clean and comfortable lodgings await your arrival in this captivating and charming municipality called Sagada.

Conveniently located within the area of Dagdag, the rustic yet comfortable Sagada Grandma's Yellow House offers quality accommodations at ...
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Poblacion , Staunton Road, ... , Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
With breathtaking sceneries, thrilling attractions, and delectable dining options, Sagada has fast become a favorite travel destination by many tourists in the recent years. Hop on that Sagada-bound bus and discover what this mystical town has to off... (Show More)
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Daoangan, Dagdag, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Residential Lodge is a homey lodge here in Sagada. Located along South Rd., Residential Lodge is accessible to a lot of restaurant such as the Strawberry Cafe, Salt & Pepper Diner, and more.
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Mab-bay, ... , Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Leave behind all your worries and stresses and escape to Sagada for an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Getting to this town in Mountain Province involves a long and winding journey (about a 10-hour bus ride from Metro Manila), so it's importan...
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Talubin, ... , Bontoc, Mountain Province (Show Map)
Head north to escape the stresses and worries that come hand-in-hand with city living, and relish in the nature sights and the peace and quiet of Mountain Province.

The capital city of Bontoc is where you'll find Golden Farm Hotel Resort, an oasis t...
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Staunton Road, ,, Sagada, Mountain Province (Show Map)
*SAGADA∙Sea of Clouds∙Sunrise Mountain Views∙Wifi∙Own CR∙Fireplace∙Bonfire

Welcome to Sagada Sunrise View Affordable Homestay by OneFineStayPH!

Your humble home above the clouds... It has all the basic needs and more.. We have more than 15 bedr...
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Nangonogan, Sagada (Show Map)
This property is sold out for your dates: 13 Apr 2020 - 14 Apr 2020
Dao-angan Dagdag , Sagada (Show Map)
This property is sold out for your dates: 13 Apr 2020 - 14 Apr 2020
Dagdag, Sagada (Show Map)
This property is sold out for your dates: 13 Apr 2020 - 14 Apr 2020
Bangaan Rd, Sagada (Show Map)
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Kenlibed, Dagdag, Sagada (Show Map)
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In a warm and humid country like the Philippines, provinces located at higher elevations are godsend. The relaxing and cool climate of these areas is more than enough to lure tourists from the city especially during summer. But Mountain Province is more than just a refuge for city dwellers who wish to enjoy a cold weather: it has a rich heritage that has been widely felt and seen—thanks to the dedication of the locals in preserving it. Tourists in this province will surely discover a trove of cultural and historical treasures.

Sagada is one of the well-known destinations in Mountain Province. Visiting the Hanging Coffins in the town may be a bizarre experience for some but it is also very educational as the attraction reflects the culture and beliefs of the locals and their ancestors. Another tourist draw in Sagada is Mount Kiltepan, a mountain famous for its scenic view from the summit, especially when a sea of clouds appears at dawn.  

The municipality of Besao is another great place to visit for those who wish to see more of the beautiful countryside. This small and quiet town is surrounded by mountain forests, while its sloped terrains are riddled with quaint houses and only a few establishments. Hiking and camping are among the popular activities in the town. Additionally, the sunset in Besao is claimed to be one of the best you will ever see in the province.

Of course, the Mountain Province has its own man-made rice terraces, many of them located in Sagada and Bontoc. Some of these terraced rice paddies are smaller but are also breathtaking and impressive like their counterparts in the nearby province of Ifugao.  

By Land
Coda Bus Lines offers nightly trips to the towns of Sagada and Bontoc in Mountain Province from its bus terminal in Quezon City. The buses usually depart between 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. Travel time to Bontoc takes nine hours, while travel time to Sagada is 10 hours.

How to Get Around
By Jeep
Tourists can ride jeepneys to get from one town to the next. These vehicles can also be hired for tours.
By Tricycle
Tricycles are preferred for shorter distances. Like jeepneys, they can also be hired for a tour.

What to See
The religion in Mountain Province is predominantly Anglican, which is why Episcopalian churches are present all over, especially in Sagada. The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin is not only a spiritual dwelling for Anglican residents but also an architectural marvel. The church features a magnificent stone facade and well-decorated interiors.
In Bontoc, a rustic village serves as the doorway to the province's historic past. The Alab Oriente village is home to plenty of historical sites and artifacts that give you a background on how the prehistoric tribes lived. The most prominent of these artifacts are the Alab Petroglyphs.
The Arab Petroglyphs are a series of symbols etched onto a boulder on a cliff. According to UNESCO, the carvings are believed to date back as early as 1500 BC and are said to depict the ancient rituals of the natives.
Natural Attractions
Mountain Province is blessed with plenty of natural wonders. It is known for its beautiful mountains with sprawling greeneries: Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada, Mt. Kalawitan in Sabangan, Mt. Clitoris in Tadian, and Mts. Gotong and Data in Bontoc. Tourists who want to witness Mt. Kiltepan's famed sea of clouds are advised to have an early morning start.
Another top-rated attraction in Sagada is the Echo Valley. A short trek will take you to a viewpoint where you can see the famed Hanging Coffins. It is named as Echo Valley because those who yell will be able to hear their echoes. The Cave Connection spelunking adventure at the Sumaguing and Lumiang caves is another attraction that guests should not miss when in Sagada.
Though the Mountain Province is landlocked, there are many waterfalls and lakes found in several towns where guests can swim. In Sagada, there's the Bomod-ok Falls, Pongas Falls, and Bokong Falls. Meanwhile, Besao has Banao Lake, also known as Danum Lake. Tadian's Gawaan Lake is also worth a visit.
Man-Made Attractions
The towns of Mountain Province also have some beautiful rice terraces that rival those of the Ifugao province. These are Sagada's Aguid Rice Terraces, Besao's Rice Terraces, Sadanga's Rice Terraces, and Bontoc's Maligcong and Bay-yo Rice Terraces, to name a few.
Other than viewing or trekking to these rice terraces, visiting a museum is another way to learn about the culture and history of Mountain Province. In Sagada, Ganduyan Museum features a treasure trove of artifacts of the ancient dwellers, while Sagada Pottery highlights the pottery creations of local artists.
Bontoc Museum is another must-see attraction when you're in town. The artifacts and displays in will give you a glimpse of the life of the ancient Cordillerans. The museum also has a section where a replica of a traditional Bontoc house is on display, complete with tools used by the ancient tribes.
Events and Festivals
Lang-Ay Festival is a celebration of the province's foundation anniversary every April. But more than that, this festival held in Bontoc showcases the rich culture of the different tribes in the Mountain Province through cultural shows and performances as well as trade fairs and all sorts of contests and competitions.
Another must-see Mountain Province festival is Sagada's Etag Festival. Held every January, the festival puts the spotlight on one of its native delicacies—etag or salted pork. Aside from being a culinary festival, it also showcases Sagada's native culture through parades and traditional performances.

Where to Eat
Since Sagada is becoming more and more popular among tourists, it has more dining options than the rest of Mountain Province. Most of its restaurants and in other towns in the Mountain Province serve dishes which are guaranteed to be made with the freshest vegetables.
Most of the restaurants not only offer rice meals but also pastas and pizzas. Yoghurt House is loved for their delicious yoghurt concoctions, while Lemon Pie House is famous for, you guessed it, their lemon pie.
Misty Lodge and Cafe is the go-to place for tourists craving for American food. This establishment serves burgers and pizzas alongside creamy shakes. Meanwhile, a healthier option would be Gaia café, which serves vegetarian and organic dishes for a health-conscious crowd.
In Bontoc, Tchayapan Restaurant offers hearty meals paired with their signature Tchayapan rice for hungry travelers. Meanwhile, Caja serves pizzas and cupcakes for those craving for light fare.
Local Delicacy
Mountain Province is known for pinikpikan, a traditional local dish similar to tinola. For the locals, it is a sacred dish, which requires a ritual as part of the preparation.

Where to Shop
For tourists visiting Sagada on a Saturday, make sure to swing by the weekend market. There are many stalls that sell fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices as well as fruit products like jam and wine.
Pasalubong Areas
Both Ganduyan Museum and Gaia Cafe have souvenir shops selling all sorts of merchandise such as T-shirts, keychains, and woven bags.
There are many cooperative shops in Sagada and Bontoc that sell food products such as fruit wines and the local coffee brew.
ATMs and Money Changers
There are only a few ATMs in Mountain Province, particularly in Sagada and Bontoc. Make sure to bring some extra cash as withdrawing your money in the province can be a bit difficult.

Fare: PHP 720.00
The bus fare to Sagada via Coda Bus Lines costs PHP 720.00. If you're getting off at Bontoc, the fare would be cheaper.
Food: PHP 100.00 to PHP 300.00
There are many affordable dining options for backpackers in the Mountain Province, which range from PHP 100.00 to PHP 300.00.
Shopping: PHP 100.00++
If you're going souvenir shopping, trinkets cost about PHP 20.00 each, while T-shirts range from PHP 200.00 to PHP 300.00, depending on the size. If you want to bring home a pack of the local coffee, cooperative shops sell them for about PHP 200.00. Fruit wines, on the other hand, cost PHP 150.00 per bottle.
Accommodation: PHP 500.00 to PHP 1,000.00
Mountain Province is a backpacker's haven because of its affordable accommodations. Guests can enjoy an overnight stay at an inn for as low as PHP 500.00.
Activities: PHP 60.00++
The Ganduyan Museum has an entrance fee of PHP 60.00. Some attractions in the Mountain Province require you to hire a guide. The usual rate is about PHP 1,000.00 for a guide who can accommodate up to five tourists.

Day 1 (Bontoc Itinerary)
8:00 AM Have breakfast at Tchapayan Restaurant.
9:00 AM Visit the Bontoc Museum.
10:00 AM Ride a jeepney to Maligcong.
10:30 AM Arrive in Maligcong. Explore the town for a bit and take photos of the rice terraces.
11:00 AM Have lunch at a local eatery.
12:00 PM Start trek to Maligcong Rice Terraces.
4:00 PM Arrive back in Maligcong. Ride a jeepney back to Bontoc.
4:30 PM Have a late check-in at your chosen accommodation.
5:00 PM Go on a walking tour of the town.
6:00 PM Have dinner at Caja.
Day 2 (Sagada Itinerary)
8:00 AM Have breakfast at Misty Lodge and Cafe.
9:00 AM Visit the Tourism Office and avail of the services of a tour guide for the Cave Connection activity.
9:30 AM Pay a visit to the Episcopalian Church of St. Mary.
10:00 AM Visit the Ganduyan Museum and Sagada Weaving.
11:00 AM Go on walking tour around town. Hunt for the best pasalubong centers and shops.
12:30 PM Have a late lunch at Yoghurt House.
2:00 PM Check in at your chosen accommodation.
2:30 PM Start spelunking at the Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves.
6:30 PM Grab some dinner at Lemon Pie House.

Local Weather
With its location in the highlands, Mountain Province experiences a cool climate all year long. Don't forget to bring jackets and blankets during your visit.
If you find yourself in need of any medical assistance during your vacation, there are some clinics and hospitals in the Mountain Province that you can visit.
Make sure that you're not late for your scheduled trip. Transportation in the Mountain Province is sometimes hard to come by so remember to always be on time.