Plan Overview

From steam locomotives to Shinkansen bullet trains, the museum houses 53 railway vehicles that make up an index of Japan’s modernization efforts.

Examples of these historically valuable railway vehicles would be the first edition of the 0 Series Shinkansen, the 500 Series Shinkansen that made the Guinness Book of World Records for reaching speeds of 300 km per hour, and the C62 steam locomotive, boasting to be the largest in its class to tow post-war express trains.

Railway diorama

The museum’s giant diorama, measuring roughly 30 meters in width and 10 meters in depth, is operated by an attendant and features model trains that are about 1/80th the scale of the actual trains. The diorama replicates the rail yard and other facilities indispensable to the railway and lets visitors to experience the railway system as the models run along their tracks.

Operating simulator

Visitors can experience the job of real train conductors by using a simulator used for training.

Visitors can learn the job of a conductor from all different angles: from being introduced to the bags they carry during operation and the tools they use to trying on the clothes they wear.

The SL Steam

We continue to offer the hugely popular SL Steam interactive exhibit at the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum where visitors can ride in passenger cars pulled by actual steam locomotives. The 1km round-trip takes about 10 minutes, and gives visitors a small taste of how it felt to travel by steam locomotive.

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