Plan Overview

TOKYO SKYTREE is designed in an original color, "SKYTREE White," representing harmony with the surrounding scenery, its name and the design concept: "The creation of city scenery transcending time: A fusion of traditional Japanese beauty and neo-futuristic design."

It is an original color based on "aijiro", the lightest shade of Japanese traditional indigo blue. The color of SKYTREE also replicates the technique of indigo dyers, with a hint of blue added to the white color, giving a delicate pale blue glow, like that of white celadon ware.

Colors created by indigo dyers represent the legacy of Japanese traditional craftsmanship as conserved in the traditional residential area housing the tower. Experience the tower and this artisan culture will become the starting point for the creation of a new culture.

Dressed in "SKYTREE white", the new tower will stand tall against the blue sky in Tokyo and transcend time with eternal brightness.

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1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo