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Bulabog Beach, Brgy Balabag, Boracay Island , Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
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Known for its spacious accommodations and large breakfast platters, this hotel provides a serene haven for both business and leisure travelers, especially families. Friendly hotel personnel are available around the clock to make your events memorable... (Show More)
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Bulabog Station 2, Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
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Find peace and quiet  in this property located right in the heart of Bulabog Beach.

La Oviedo Villa Resort is on the east side of the world-renowned island of Boracay. Bulabog Beach is a favorite spot in the island for water sports enthusiasts. It...
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Mt. Luho, Bgy. Balabag, Boracay Island , Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
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On Mt. Luho, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Tanawin Resort and Luxury Apartments have panoramic views of neighboring islands and the beautiful sea.  It's a beautiful place to spend time with family or friends.

The resort has free WiFi Internet acc...
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Zone -A, Bulabog Street, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan- Near Iglesia Ni Cristo, Boracay, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
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The Cool Stay Inn is a 1 star, Budget Friendly Hotel located in the middle of the Island in a walking distance from all the beaches, restaurants and Island-Buzz

We offer Rooms that are all fully equipped with private bathroom, kitchenette & cookin...
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Pahuwayan Suites, Bulabog Beach, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
Built with great care and attention to detail, using traditional materials but with modern interiors, their accommodation offers comfortable and stylish en suite rooms. The first thing you’ll see when you wake up in the morning is the sun rising over... (Show More)
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5806 Bulabog Road, Brgy. Balabag,, Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island , Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
Luxeview hotel is a 17 room four storey building that boasts fantastic views of the famous island. Each Unit is a suite that has its own kitchen, dining room and living room separate from the bed room. Each unit has a balcony that  faces the sea.
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PHP 3,585.37
PA-AMA Building, Balabag, Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
Experience luxurious comfort at this beachfront boutique hotel located on the eastern side of the paradise island of Boracay.

Boracay Gems Boutique Resort is located in Bulabog Beach, a favorite spot for kite boarding and windsurfing enthusiasts esp...
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Bulabog, Boracay Island, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
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Boracay Island boasts of having one of the most popular beaches in the world with its beautiful white sand and a slew of commercial establishments, like restaurants and bars. Aside from all the fun, Boracay also has it's relaxing side with the calmin... (Show More)
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Zone5 -A, Bulabog Street, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan-, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
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Chill Out Hostel is new haven for budget minded travelers from around the world, who want to enjoy the beauty and fun vibe of the world's famous island of Boracay.

Our mixed aircon/ non aircom dorm rooms offer you big lockers enough to fit your ba...
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Sitio Bolabog Brgy. Balabag Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
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A Suites Hotel, located in Station 2, Boracay Island, is the perfect place to enjoy your tropical vacation. Located conveniently at the center of the island; 0.2 km away or 5 minutes walk to the island’s shopping centers and markets. It offers easy a... (Show More)
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Bolabog Beach, Boracay Island (Show Map)
Be more adventurous during your Boracay vacation and feel the rush of excitement from the extreme sports offered at Isla Kitesurfing Guesthouse, where relaxing accommodations are waiting for your arrival.

Enjoying a prime beachfront spot, this resor...
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Bolabog Beach 0399, Boracay Island (Show Map)
Experience the fun and exciting side of Boracay at Bulabog Beach where you will be exhilarated with the range of water sports it offers. Nestled right on its shore is Wind Riders Inn & Cafe, an accommodation that gives you direct access to all the ac... (Show More)
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Bulabog, Boracay, Caticlan , Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
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Bale Mi Boracay is found at Bulabog, Boracay, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan. It is the newest resort to rise on Bulabog Road that leads to Bulabog Beach, which is ideal for wind and water sports. This is truly like a home away from home, which is exactly wh... (Show More)
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Sitio Bolabog Brgy. Balabag Boracay Island Malay, Aklan, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
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Bolabog Beach Resort is  just a 15-minute walk to the famous White Beach, 5m away from the Bulabog Beach and 10 minutes away from D-mall.
This two-storey resort has a total of 40 air conditioned rooms and each rooms  is equipped with  LCD cable TV, ...
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PHP 3,723.67
SITIO BOLABOG BRGY. BALABAG BORACAY ISLAND MALAY, AKLAN PHILIPPINES, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
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Boracay Balcony Inn (BBI) is a family-run business, literally speaking.  A family of 5 members play significant roles in the efforts to establish and maintain this humble Inn to be AFFORDABLE, CONVENIENT, NEAT AND HOMEY so as for every guest to sense... (Show More)
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Bulabog Road 1A, Bulabog Beach, Aklan, Boracay, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
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This unique Apartments at Boracay Apartments at 7Stones is a first rate apartment in Boracay. The property is located beachfront on Bulabog Beach. It is privately managed, it has 2 luxurious apartments with
spacious bedrooms, designed with fantasti...
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Because of its beautiful beaches, topnotch resorts, and party atmosphere, Boracay is no doubt the most famous tourist destination in the Philippines. But while its famous White Beach remains the island's main attraction especially for those who want to enjoy all sorts of activities under the sun, Boracay has other interesting places that are quite remarkable as well. One of them is Bulabog Beach.

Bulabog Beach is located at the eastern section of Boracay. At first look, this 2.5 kilometer stretch of gleaming powdery sand and blue waters is pretty much like the other gorgeous beaches on the island. But it is totally different from its more popular counterparts; it has stronger winds, which make the waves more powerful. The seascape in Bulabog Beach is quite unique as well because of the number of kites you will see in the sky.

If the crowd in White Beach is there to party, the people in Bulabog Beach are all about watersports. It is the main destination for kiteboarding and kitesurfing in the whole of Asia. The beach also hosts several international watersport events every year. It is common to see both local and foreign professional kite boarders and surfers setting up their gear on the beach, but beginners are welcome here as well. There are resorts and establishments in Bulabog Beach that offer lessons and equipment for kiteboarding and wind surfing.

At night, Bulabog Beach is also much calmer compared to the other beaches in Boracay. Bulabog is also great for vacationers who want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

By Air
Air travel is the quickest way of getting to Bulabog Beach in Boracay. You have two options where you can land: Caticlan Airport and Kalibo Airport. From Metro Manila, it's only an hour's flight to Caticlan, while Kalibo is one hour and fifteen minutes away.
If you choose to fly to Caticlan, you can book your tickets via Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines, or Skyjet. Meanwhile, AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, and Cebu Pacific Air serve Kalibo Airport.

By Sea
Sea travel takes longer than air travel, but it is also the cheaper alternative for those who are on a tight budget. 2GO Travel offers 10-hour trips to Caticlan Port via Batangas Pier. If you're traveling from Metro Manila, you can catch a bus from JAM Liner and other bus lines to Batangas Pier. Land travel should last about three hours.

How to Get Around
By Tricycle
Tricycles are the main mode of transportation around Boracay. These vehicles can accommodate up to six passengers.
By Motorcycle or Bike
For those who want to explore Boracay and Bulabog Beach at their own leisure, there are motorcycles and bikes for rent in several shops around the island.

What to See
Natural Attractions
Bulabog Beach features white sand shores and azure waters. However, the strong winds are what makes this area distinct from its counterparts on the island, which make for bigger waves. What waters are unfit for swimming but perfect for all kinds of watersports.
Thrill seekers from all over the country and even the globe come to Bulabog Beach for kitesurfing. In fact, the 2.5-kilometer long beach is known as Asia's kitesurfing Mecca. Bulabog Beach is the ideal destination for adventure seekers on the island.
Events and Festivals
Bulabog Beach is the standard venue of the Boracay International Funboard Cup, an annual international windsurfing and kitesurfing competition. The best participants from all over the world come to Bulabog to compete in these exciting tournaments.

Where to Eat
Bulabog Beach is also a good place to get some grub. There are plenty of options when it comes to food so whether you crave local or international fare, your cravings will surely be satisfied.
Los Indios Bravos is known for its fine selection of Filipino handcrafted beers and delicious food. It has an extensive menu that features kilawin (ceviche), crispy chicken wings, ribeye steaks, and Nicoise salad.
Sushi Shiro is perfect for Japanese food lovers. This upscale dining place offers various Japanese meals, but it is their freshly-prepared sushi and sashimi that keep customers coming back for more.
Whiskey's Cafe at The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast has a wide range of meals: from Filipino favorites, to pastas, salads and sandwiches, tourists have lots to choose from. They also have an all-day breakfast menu. One of their unique offerings is Crispy Tinapa Flakes served with garlic rice.
For those who want to try something delectable and unique, Seb'varia offers Bavarian food on top of international flavors like Middle Eastern, German, and Italian.
Munchies is home to a wide range of Mexican, Filipino, and American dishes. It serves nachos, fajitas, sisig, tapsilog, and many more.
Happy Home also has an extensive menu. This cozy establishment offers affordable rice meals, pastas, and sides for tourists with huge appetites.
Bars and Clubs
Area 51 Top Secret Party Facility is the hottest after-hours place to be in Bulabog Beach. This underground club throws great parties fueled with awesome music from resident DJs, fire dance performances, and overflowing cocktails.
In contrast to the lively ambiance of Area 51, Aplaya Beach Bar and Restaurant has a more chill and laidback vibe. Tourists can sip their drinks while sitting on bean bags chairs on the beachfront. They can also smoke shishas or hookahs.

Where to Shop
What to Buy
You'll find several stalls in Bulabog Beach selling all kinds of Boracay souvenirs. You can buy jewelry, keychains, and T-shirts.
ATMs and Money Changers
There are many banks and ATMs all over Boracay if you need to withdraw some cash for your expenses.

Fare: PHP 1,200.00 (By ferry); PHP 2,000.00 to PHP 3,000.00 (By plane)
From Metro Manila, the bus fare to Batangas Pier from Cubao in Quezon City costs PHP 175.00. This is followed by the 10-hour ferry trip from Batangas Pier to Caticlan Port via 2GO Travel, which is about PHP 1,000.00.
Airfare, on the other hand, differs depending the airport you’re headed for. A plane ticket from Manila Domestic Airport to Kalibo Airport usually costs from PHP 2,000.00 to PHP 3,000.00. Tickets to Caticlan Airport, on the other hand, range from PHP 3,000.00 to PHP 4,000.00.
From White Beach, you can choose to walk or ride a tricycle to Bulabog Beach.
Food: PHP 200.00 to PHP 300.00
Bulabog Beach has a good mix of affordable and upscale restaurants to cater to the different tastes and budgets of its diverse customers. A budget of PHP 200.00 to PHP 300.00 per person would be more than enough.
Shopping: PHP 100.00++
Trinkets like keychains and fridge magnets usually cost PHP 50.00 or less. Jewelry like bracelets and necklaces cost about PHP 50.00 to PHP 100.00. Meanwhile, souvenir shirts are priced at PHP 200.00 to PHP 300.00, depending on the design.
Accommodation: PHP 500.00 to PHP 6,000.00
Bulabog Beach has a wide variety of accommodations. You can choose from hostels and guesthouses to resorts and luxury hotels. The usual rate for an overnight stay at a mixed dorm room in a hostel is PHP 500.00. Meanwhile, prices for hotels and resorts start from PHP 1,000.00 and can rise up to PHP 6,000.00.
Activities: PHP 1,500.00
If you want to try out kitesurfing, beginner courses range from PHP 1,500.00 to PHP 3,500.00, depending on the operator.