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Manggayad, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
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Bamboo Boracay Resort & Restaurant is located Manggayad in the charming island of Boracay, and is less than a kilometer away from the Cagban Jetty Port, which is the main entrance to the island. The hotel, just a 5-minute ride or a 10-minute walk fro... (Show More)
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Station 3, Boracay Island, Caticlan, Malay,, Aklan, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
Located along Station 3 of Boracay Island, La Isla Bonita is a perfect getaway from a fast-paced city life. This lovely resort provides an exquisite accommodation perfect for budget-oriented travelers seeking comfort and satisfaction. Surrounded with... (Show More)
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Angol Beach, Station 3, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
Far away from the maddening crowd and the fast-paced life in the metro, Sheridan Villas Boracay treats you to an outstanding island holiday that will leave your body relaxed and your senses rejuvenated.

Nestled in the quiet area of Boat Station 3, S...
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Angol, Boat Station 3, Manoc Manoc, Boracay Island (Show Map)
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Surfside Boracay Resort & Spa values your comfort and convenience, which is why it was designed to be a one-stop resort that offers quality accommodations, delightful dining options, and a guaranteed place of relaxation.

The resort is nestled in Bor...
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Station 3 Ambulong, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
Located 30 minutes away from the Caticlan Airport by boat, Sulu Plaza Boracay is a beachfront property in Station 3 that offers peaceful accommodations, perfect for guests who want to escape to paradise. The hotel is accessible via regular public tra... (Show More)
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Beachfront, Angol, Manoc-Manoc, , Station 3, , Boracay Island, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
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Tree House Resort and Bar Boracay is located in Station 3 at the southern part of the famous White Beach Boracay Island.
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Station 3 Boracay Island, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
Boracay has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which is why so many people from all over the world comes to visit. It is no surprise that there are a lot of good accommodations on the island to be able to accommodate the influx of travel... (Show More)
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Station 3, Manoc Manoc, Boracay Island, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
About 8 minutes away from the popular D'Mall area in the world-renowned island of Boracay, The Sun Garden Hilltop Resort is located at the tip of Station 3, and is accessible via regular public transport routes. It is also just about 15 minutes away ... (Show More)
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Station 3, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan (Show Map)
Alliyah's Beach Resort is located at Station 3 in Boracay, and is about 3kms away from the Boracay Jetty Port. From there, public transports such as tricycles or multicabs are available to take you directly to the resort. The resort convenient locati... (Show More)
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Angol Road, Station 3, Boracay Island (Show Map)
Seeking a peaceful Boracay vacation minus the overwhelming crowd and party music? It's possible only when you book a stay at Greenpoint Studiosuites.

Located along Angol Road in the less crowded and relatively quiet Station 3, Greenpoint Studiosuite...
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PHP 7,373.47
Located in Island Jewel Inn, Angol, Manoc Manoc, Malay, , Aklan, Bulabog Beach, , Boracay, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
At ZEN Rooms Station 3 Angol Road, your comfort is our priority. ZEN Rooms offers you our brand guarantees. Most importantly, we have free WiFi, air-con, a comfy bed, in-room shower and always a clean room. Additionally, the hotel offers a 24h room s... (Show More)
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Station 3, White Beach Path, Ambulong Manoc Manoc, Boracay Island, AKLAN (Show Map)
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Homey comforts paired with modern conveniences are found right here at Blue Dawn Boracay, a 3-star hotel conveniently located in Station 3 of the world-renowned island of Boracay.

Blue Dawn Boracay treats its guests with direct access to the White...
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Station 3, Manggayad, Malay, Boracay Island (Show Map)
Comfortable value-for-money lodgings in Boracay are what you will find at Wendy's Apartelle.

Situated on the island's relatively peaceful area of Station 3, this apart-hotel is a haven for backpackers and budget travelers who seek affordable accommo...
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PHP 2,841.99
Beachfront, Ambulong, Station 3, Boracay Island, Philippines 5608 (Show Map)
Free yourself from the stresses and worries that come hand in hand with city living and hop on a plane to the beautiful island paradise of Boracay. While you're basking in the tropical bliss, let Angol Point Beach Resort provide you with that much-ne... (Show More)
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Station 3, Ambulong, Boracay Island (Show Map)
Escape the hustle and bustle of the metro by treating yourself to a Boracay getaway. While enjoying your vacation in paradise, let Lotus Point Beach Resort make your stay even more relaxing with its heavenly rooms and generous facilities.

An oasis f...
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PHP 2,229.44
812 Sitio Angol, Station 3, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island (Show Map)
Escape the grueling life in the metro, even for a little while, and enjoy a tranquil Boracay vacation only at 812 Angol Boracay.

Named after its address at 812 Sitio Angol in Barangay Manoc-Manoc, 812 Angol Boracay features 6 modern guestrooms, mode...
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PHP 4,093.44
Station 3, Boracay Island (Show Map)
Located near the tail end of Boracay's renowned White Beach, Roxon Apartments offers cozy and relaxing accommodations for travelers who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Roxon Boracay is situated near the powdery white sa...
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Ambulong (Show Map)
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This hotel is situated in Station 3, Boracay Island, is popular among explorers. From here, visitors can appreciate simple access to all that the energetic city brings to the table. For those of you who need to wander out various attractions are acce... (Show More)
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Manoc-Manoc (Show Map)
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A family resort, this Beach Resort is the perfect place to enjoy a tropical vacation. Located on Boracay Island, there are flights as well as ferry rides from Manila to reach the property. The property offers easy access to explore on Boracay Island,... (Show More)
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PHP 2,995.18
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Ambulong, Manoc Manoc (Show Map)
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On the off chance that what you are searching for is a strategically placed lodging in Boracay Island look no more distant than this hotel. From here visitors can appreciate simple access to all that the enthusiastic city brings to the table. With it... (Show More)
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Boracay is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Philippines. It has been featured in numerous publications and surveys as one of the best beaches in the world. Its pristine shorelines, scenic views, wide array of watersports, and vibrant nightlife continue to lure all kinds of tourists: from big spenders who go for exclusivity and privacy to backpackers who are into a more affordable kind of vacation.

Station 3 in Boracay is ideal for vacationers who are on a tight budget. Situated on the southernmost section of the island, the area is not as developed as its counterparts, but it has some shores where the white sand and clear blue waters are as picturesque as the crowded ones along the White Beach strip. There are also not too many people in the area, making it ideal for those who just want to soak up the tranquility of its pristine shores.

The cheapest accommodations are, without a doubt, in Station 3. However, some hotels in the area have been lauded for its quality rooms and services even with the affordable prices. Marzon Beach Resort is one of the best reviewed hotels among tourists. It has pretty decent rooms with verandas and equipped with the basics like cable TVs, free WiFi, and private bathrooms.

For dining, Sunny Side Café is one of the popular places in Station 3. Diners have raved about the all-day breakfast meals served in the café like the various kinds of pancakes, bacon and eggs, and the Filipino silogs and champorado.

By Air
You can choose between Caticlan Airport and Kalibo Airport as your point of entry to Station 3 in Boracay. Flights to Caticlan Airport from Metro Manila and Cebu City are served by Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines, and Skyjet. Meanwhile, Kalibo Airport is served by AirAsia, Cebu Pacific Air, and Philippine Airlines. Caticlan flights take only an hour on average, while Kalibo flights usually take longer, about an hour and fifteen minutes.

By Sea

Sea travel is cheaper compared to air travel to Boracay but it also takes longer. 2GO Travel's ferries transfer passengers from Batangas Pier to Caticlan Port. The cruise usually takes about 10 hours. If you're coming from Metro Manila, JAM Liner buses have trips to Batangas Pier. You can find JAM Liner bus terminals in Cubao in Quezon City and Pasay.

How to Get Around
By Tricycle
Though most of the attractions can be reached by walking, there are also tricycles available on the island. Tricycles in Boracay have roomier sidecars which can fit up to five or six passengers.
By Motorcycle and Bike
Rent a motorcycle or bike in any of the shops on the island if you prefer having your own mode of transportation when exploring the island.
Tourists can also rent all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for a thrilling way of exploring Boracay.

What to See
Natural Attractions
With its four-kilometer stretch of white sands and clear blue waters, White Beach is truly a wonder to behold. Station 3 is arguably the most peaceful section of White Beach, with lush vegetation adorning its paths. Most tourists visit this area to get away from the crowds of the island and enjoy the tranquility of the shores.
Aside from White Beach, Boracay also has other beaches you should see. Puka Beach and Diniwid Beach are also less crowded and more peaceful alternatives to the buzzing White Beach.
Man-Made Attractions
Aside from swimming in and getting a tan, there are a lot of activities to do on the beachfront.
There are many tour operators offering watersports packages. You can enjoy banana boat and fly fish rides, parasailing, and helmet diving to name a few. The prices for these activities are competitive among the operators so make sure to look for the best deal. The pure white sands are also ideal for a game of beach volleyball with your friends.
There are also some laidback activities that you can try like getting your hair braided or a henna tattoo from the many stalls on the beachfront. There are also masseurs around that offer traditional massages. But if you want a variety of relaxing treatments, you can visit any of the spas in Station 3 like Bella Isa Salon and Spa, Mandala Spa, and Yasuragi.
Events and Festivals
Laboracay is one of the most awaited party events in Boracay and outside of Metro Manila. It usually falls on the weekend closest to May 1 or Labor Day.  All-night partygoers, musical performances by top artists, and free-flowing alcohol are just some of the things you can look forward to during the event.

Where to Eat
Fast Food Chains
There are several branches of Andok's in Boracay, and one of them can be found at the beachfront in Station 3. This establishment specializes in rotisserie-grilled chicken and liempo, but their menu also consists of Filipino favorites like fried chicken and chopsuey.
Station 3 is home to one of the well-loved restaurants in Boracay—Sunny Side Cafe. This all-day breakfast joint serves big portions of comforting breakfast meals such as pancakes and bacon and eggs.
Another popular restaurant is Cowboy Cocina. The restaurant's name is fitting since it offers hearty meals for carnivores such as ribs and steaks. Meanwhile, Supermagic Burgers offers delicious burgers and sandwiches for tourists craving for American dishes. Make sure to order their famous Umami Bomb Burger and one of their milkshakes.
For those who have a flair for Japanese cuisine, Nagisa Coffee Shop offers a wide selection of Japanese meals that won't burn a hole in your pocket.
Bars and Clubs
Station 3 has several options where you can grab a nightcap. Red Pirates Pub is the most popular bar around. It resembles a nipa hut to exude a tropical feel and its quaint ambiance lets guests enjoy a drink or two while mingling with other tourists.
Congas' claim to fame is its great music. They've got a great line-up of DJs and performers. They also have a fine selection of cocktails and liquors.
If you want to dance the night away, you can head to Boracay Stars, the only club in Station 3.

Where to Shop
You can buy the freshest seafood at Talipapa Bukid.
Street Vendors
Just like in other stations, there are several vendors and stalls in Station 3 that offer all kinds of souvenirs. From souvenir shirts, jewelry, and trinkets, there are a lot of items to choose from.
ATMs and Money Changers
You'll find several banks and ATMs all over the island if you need to withdraw some cash for your expenses.

Fare: PHP 1,200.00 (By ferry); PHP 2,000.00 to PHP 4,000.00 (By plane)
Traveling by sea is cheaper, but it is also the longer route to Boracay. If you're coming from Metro Manila, the bus ride to Batangas Pier will cost you PHP 175.00, followed by a 10-hour ferry trip to Catriclan via 2GO Travel which costs more or less PHP 1,000.00.
As for flights, airfare for Kalibo Airport is cheaper than Caticlan Airport. A one-way plane ticket from Manila to Kalibo costs around PHP 2,000.00 to PHP 3,000.00, while a ticket to Caticlan is about PHP 3,000.00 to PHP 4,000.00. Bear in mind that prices are at their highest during the peak season of October to June, which is referred to as the Amihan season.
Food: PHP 100.00 to PHP 300.00
Budget meals at a fast food chain start at PHP 100.00. Meanwhile, restaurant meals start at PHP 200.00.
Shopping: PHP 100.00++
You can buy small items like keychains, bracelets, and fridge magnets from any of the stalls for about PHP 50.00 apiece. Meanwhile, a souvenir shirt ranges from PHP 200.00 to PHP 300.00, depending on the design.
Accommodation: PHP 500.00 to PHP 4,000.00
Station 3 is known to have the cheapest accommodations in Boracay. You'll find many hostels and inns that offer overnight stays for as low as PHP 500.00. There are also some luxury hotels and beach resorts with rooms for PHP 2,500.000 to PHP 5,000.00 per night.
Activities: PHP 300.00++
If you want to get a henna tattoo, a medium-sized one costs about PHP 200.00. Beachfront massages, on the other hand, cost PHP 300.00 to PHP 500.00. ATV rentals range from PHP 300.00 to PHP 1,000.00 per hour depending on the size of the vehicle. Lastly, for watersports, you may want to place a budget of PHP 500.00 to PHP 1,000.00 per activity.