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0917 Sanciangco St., Bgy., Kalubihan, Cebu City, Cebu (Show Map)
Bringing its brand of affordable comfort to the "Queen City of the South," Hotel Sogo Cebu provides the perfect accommodation for you to make the most out of your stay in the city.

Featuring efficient front desk services and free WiFi access through...
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Buyong, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu (Show Map)
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There are plenty of local beach resorts for a perfect timeout, but only Cebu’s Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel can offer more than just good food, relaxing massages, and solitude for your vacation. Established in 1998, this exclusive resort in Mactan... (Show More)
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Esperanza, Poro, Camotes, Camotes Islands, Cebu City, Cebu (Show Map)
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36 nautical miles off of mainland Cebu, My Little Island Hotel is situated in Poro, in the Camotes Island. The hotel is accessible via regular public transport routes, usually by pump boats off of the ports at Danao City, or at Cebu City. Upon arriva... (Show More)
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Sitio Pool, Bankal Lapu (Show Map)

Situated in the heart of Cebu city the hotel gives off the impression of class and style. Affording guests with the best amenities and facilitiies to ensure a good stay the hotel comes second to none in terms of comfort and value for money. With e...

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Flores, Catmon (Show Map)
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It's time to clear your mind from stress and unnecessary worries by treating yourself to a unique,  intimate, and tranquil Cebu getaway only at Las Flores Country & Beachside Hotel.

Las Flores Country & Beachside Hotel can be found in Flores, Catmon...
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